About me

I spent over a decade around the left-anarchist/syndicalist/libertarian socialist scene, and for a number of years I was quite active within it. I wore my internationalism on my sleeve and accepted what I now consider to be leftist caricatures of nationalism and leftist misunderstandings of it. I had encountered leftist ideas purely by chance and got into it purely out of youthful rebelliousness and - like a lot young people do - because I was looking for an 'edgy' identity. Despite my strong leftist internationalism, since my teens I had held an instinctive love of, and a romantic ideal, of my nation and its common history, culture, heritage and folklore. Also this suburban boy always loved the rural roots and countryside of England. I had always semi-consciously acknowledged the innate importance (for most people) of tribal identity, and that national, ethnic, regional and local identity were big ingredients of what it is to be human. Because of this I became interested (via the wider Left) in national liberation and Left-nationalism (both a big no-no to Left-anarchists) and I began to accept that the expression of tribal identity is just as much a human 'right' as anything else.

When the Internet came along - well, to cut a long story short - I read a fair amount of stuff from the wider radical nationalist currents and, over time, began accepting their arguments. I'm not the first person to change their mind!

While I had always held the leftist view that "where capital goes, then so can the worker", when the asylum/immigration issue began to rise up the public consciousness in the late 1990s and early 2000s, I began to feel that things just weren't that straight forward. Space and resources aside, I could see growing culture clashes, and that far from preserving cultural diversity, multiculturalism did the opposite and diluted and destroyed it. Whereas the left, which I had up to that point strongly identified with, upheld the idea of a new world proletarian monoculture, I now realised this was wholly anathema and thoroughly inhuman to my mind. I now saw inherent 'goodness' in the myriad of different peoples, cultures and nations that had all developed over thousands of years and I no longer wanted to blend them all into identical 'citizens of the world'. You only have to look at how, generally speaking, different ethnic groups have self-segregated in Britain, fifty or sixty years after arriving, to acknowledge something organic is going on here.

Over time I reached the view that cosmopolitan and multicultural societies, generally speaking, do not 'work'. They may well 'work' for people of a Leftist or liberal mindset. But not to me. To me they are rudderless, confused, antagonistic, sometimes tense and destructive, and have no common goals or values (both of which I believe are essential to a harmonious society)...and they have got too big. The antidote, therefore, is the development of tribal, monocultural small communities - these, however, are my ideals and I freely admit to knowing no plan to bring them about.

I set up Berrocscir's Banner in 2007 'to do my bit' as it were. More recently I have moved into the Identitarian, Alt-Right and Neo-reactionary orbits and I am happy to be called all of these.

So what of now? I hope Berrocscir's Banner acts as an independent Alt-Right, Identitarian, Traditionalist voice and commentary. Likewise I support intentional secessionist communities of whatever ideological persuasion. And, generally speaking, I approve of the wider anti-capitalist/anti-globalist scene. In addition I've always been strongly sympathetic to the analysis and philosophy of the green anarchist current. I try to steer a non-dogmatic path: when the 'Left' do something worthwhile I'll acknowledge it, likewise the 'Right' and the mainstream green movement. I also wish no ill to nationalist, regionalist and localist political parties in their electoral endeavours...it takes all sorts!

As much as I desire national, reactionary homelands, nobody will ever agree on one way for all. The era of the macro-ideology is over. Unlike the Left I don't object to people who wish to 'stand on their own two feet' and do well out of it. Macro-capitalism, multinational corporations and big business must go, but Leftism is not the only alternative. Co-ops, distributive economies and market anarchism will have their supporters as well as, undoubtedly, Marxian communism. Unlike the Right, if people want to live in socially liberal, politically correct communities, that's fine by me, as long as they do not encroach on the liberties, social structures and beliefs of other tribes. I'm not going to waste my energy on trying to convince the liberals that traditional, hierarchical, societies based on the folk, and families with strong mothers and fathers is a better way to live life. I'm hopeful our way will prove more successful and outlast theirs.

What type of community would I personally prefer? Well, I favour social hierarchy providing it is based on meritocratic principles and works for the benefit of the whole. Hierarchy does not necessarily imply oppression or injustice. The green anarchist thinker Richard Hunt argued that peck order can be beneficial to all as it minimises infighting - and, just for the record - I don't want to be king of the castle in my ideal community. I'm no great shakes and I'm happy to wait my turn. I much prefer liberty to equality, social justice to uniform egalitarianism. But of course: if you want a community built on absolute social and economic equality go ahead and build your own! Nepotism is natural and should usually be encouraged, but sometimes things here might go wrong and that's where the community can intervene.

I prefer distributist economies, small scale market anarchism, barter and local currencies. Small family farms and businesses. Everything will have to kept in check of course - answers on a postcard. The communist community along the road won't want much to do with us, so my community will have to look for similar communities to our own to negotiate with. 

I believe class is largely irrelevant to the Alt-Right and Identitarian movement because...well, say the working class (however you define them) somehow coordinate across the globe, and somehow manage to to bring about massive social change, supposedly in their favour...Instead of ever expanding global neo-liberalism we will have internationalism - a successful global struggle will bring about a new international world order. The alternative is national revolution. Tribes doing their own thing in the hope that other tribes will follow suit. It's about breaking down the Empires - ultimately down to the smallest unit. The small communities we advocate only need people of like mind: They will not have classes as we know them today - in place of class tension we will have tribal cohesion. Some radical nationalists still have a thing about 'the working class' - there is nothing wrong with 'the working class' but in the fight for national liberation surely we need people of like mind - whatever their background.

My heroes are not the urban factory and office workers, but the rural farmers, tenant farmers and agricultural labourers that feed us. I also champion the homesteaders and the self-sufficient. The European peasant is my hero of the past just as the Third World peasant is my hero today.