Wednesday, 27 June 2018

A Greater Homeland - A New Arcadia

My Proposal for a flag of the Greater Homeland of EuroSiberia/Septentrion.
During the course of her history, Mother Europe - our common home - has observed many empires rise and fade. She has watched as we Europeans, her sons and daughters, have built great imperial realms: the Roman and Byzantine; Frankish and Russian; the Holy Roman and Austro-Hungarian. Time and time again the European Imperium has risen and shifted. The one constant  has alway been the European people themselves.  European pioneers journeyed to other continents and built new lands of their own.

Every farm, every hamlet, village, locale, district and region - and every city and ethnic homeland across our Great Europa is special and distinct and unique. But, as is obvious to every European patriot - they are in existential danger from manifold threats - without and within. The European diaspora in North America, Australia and New Zealand face similar challenges. As the European spirit drives further into this third millennium and new crises come into view, the logical remedy to Europa's torpor is to coalesce into a Greater Homeland - Eurosiberia or Septentrion.

Many in the Alt-Right, Identitarian and nationalist milieus will object that this pan-European bloc will crush and wash away our  national, regional, local and ethnic identities and their various expressions - not at all. All the ancient empires did not do away with them, nor will the Greater Homeland. We cannot predict what political dimensions our Greater Homeland could or should take - a loose confederation, a more unified bloc made up of informal ethno-regions; or something else entirely - but in order for our great civilisation to write its next chapter, we need to unite as one: the great people of Europa with our common intertwined destiny.

Modernity and materialism have played no small part in Mother Europe's malaise, which is why we must forge our Greater Homeland within an Archeofuturist ethos. We cannot return to a Golden Age, but we can build a New Arcadia - the New Europeans will sow agrarian hinterlands of provinces with great cities as bustling centres of commerce, learning, innovation, technological advancement and imperial governance.

Our movements - the Alt-Right, Identitarian, whatever we call them - require bread and butter strategies, plans of action; here and now demands and goals. But we also need a vision - a telos. The concept of the Greater Homeland is an ideal contender, because in the long run - and perhaps sooner than we think - it will become an immediate necessity.