Monday, 8 January 2018

The Plough Monday Declaration

A grandiose statement no doubt, but as today is Plough Monday; the traditional start of the English agricultural year, I thought it befitting to use it to title my draft founding principles of a hypothetical future Alt-Right/Identitarian Agrarian Platform.

As I mentioned in my post of 3rd December last year – the Alt-Right and Identitarian currents have priorities set for the immediate future - and I do not advocate that proselytizing for agrarianism is among them. However with momentum continuing, I believe new ideas and elements will emerge from our movement over time, which will hopefully augment Alt-Right and Identitarian credos. I am confident that
Agrarian principles not only complement Alt-Right/Identitarian schools of thought, but can also contribute to the positive idealism that will be necessary for our movement to move forward. The arrival of an organised agrarian platform (or caucus or network) will mean that this idealism will be enriched by the anti-consumerism, pro-land, pro-community, anti-globalist principles that are present within agrarian thinking.

One promising recent development is the emergence of the UK-based Rural Conservative Movement and its manifesto - which I read is currently taking shape. I invite those Alt-Righters and Identitarians with sympathies or enthusiasm for ruralism and agrarianism to take a look at the RCM’s fledgling website.


1)    To promote and propagate agrarian ideas, ideals and principles within the Alt-Right/Identitarian movement and our allies.

2)    To encourage individuals within our movement to consider careers within the agricultural, forestry, conservation, green energy, horticultural and permaculture sectors. To encourage allotment keeping and greater self-sufficiency skills and practices within and around our movement.

3)    To encourage individuals within our movement to consider rural living and rural lifestyles complementary to our traditionalist principles.

4)    To encourage our movement as a whole to support rural economies, businesses and communities.

5)    To promote environmentalism, conservation and anti-consumerism within our movement.

6)    To develop agrarianism further within an Alt-Right/Identitarian framework through education, discussion and debate.

7)    To celebrate and promote rural traditions and folklore by holding or attending events which will help in our spiritual and cultural wellbeing in the face of globalist modernity.