Sunday, 2 July 2017

A moot point

A call for a World Congress of the Alt-Right

As we know, although the term Alt-Right has been in use for around a decade, the milieu has only gained real momentum in the last eighteen months or so, and has only really started to develop into a real movement in the past year. Assuming this rate of progress continues, is now the right time to begin planning a World Congress of our movement? I vote yes and propose the event take place in the USA in the autumn of 2019, over the course of a fortnight. 

Yes I'm thinking big (hence the timeline). A project on this scale will need a co-ordinating committee comprised of the best within our ranks. The plan would be for the gathering to be a real world event that will truly propel us into the mainstream.

Why would the Alt-Right benefit from such a gathering? What would be the point? I'd argue: A) for morale B) to share skills, tactics, info, knowledge and resources C) to debate, network, educate, learn, build relationships and trust D) to generate publicity and E) to plan ahead for the long haul.

Invitations would go out to delegates from all Alt-Right, Identitarian, neo-reactionary, nationalist and other similar groups and currents across the European diaspora. The itinerary would include rallies, marches and speeches, a press conference, Q & A sessions, discussion panels, socialising/entertainment, talks and fringe meetings. Just as importantly however, organising and planning for the future would play a key role - workshops on a myriad of subjects would involve the following: skills sharing, training in IT, social media, web design, propaganda, journalism, fundraising, public speaking/oratory, and how to debate our opponents. 

Developing our perspectives in areas hitherto overlooked by the Alt-Right, such as economics and environmentalism, could be on the agenda. Discussing special projects such as Alt-Right community building - creating networks to support Alt-Right families and businesses - laying the groundwork toward creating an Alt-Right 'state within a state' - could also feature.

While expressly political options could be explored, ideological uniformity would not be a goal of the Congress. I believe the Alt-Right should continue to develop as a diverse counter-culture to liberal hegemony, concentrating on the social and cultural spheres. That said, the Congress could hammer out a declaration of core principles which could give our movement unity of purpose, including a code of conduct to help minimise in-fighting (usually caused by money issues, personality clashes and ego) promoting good faith and co-operation. 

Obviously security and vetting would have to be prioritised and professional. It should also be apparent that any project on this scale will take serious financial backing, effort and dedication, but I can see so much energy and talent within the Alt-Right, I know this is achievable  - so who's up for it?!