Monday, 27 March 2017

Extra! Extra!

Something I’ve been pondering for a good while now is that even in this digital age, there is a continuing need in post-Brexit Britain for a nationalist/populist street paper.

Now the argument that political/cultural discourse and ideas are now the preserve of the internet is a valid one. Alt-Right vlogger Millennial Woes recently concluded that political debate and culture are now born of the net, and they trickle over into real life. But it's obvious that there are millions of Brits that are not declared nationalists, nor politicised. They don’t engage in politics or think about the great ideas. I believe that there are countless of our fellow countrymen and women who are broadly patriotic, nationalistic and tribal by nature and instinct, and that they need to be harnessed in some way. I’m not suggesting that a new generation of leaders will materialise from the streets – the vast majority of our people will never be activists in any way. But a future nationalist leadership is developing on the net right now. It is this vanguard that needs to shepherd our people behind them (every elite needs a broad base) and a new nationalist, Alt-Right counter-culture needs to extend its reach out to the general populace - This is where a street paper comes in.

What I envisage is a non-partisan nationalist - populist paper with a non-sectarian editorial policy, that will invite and carry articles and opinion from across the nationalist, traditionalist, conservative and paleoconservative spectrum – from civic nationalism and the Tory right, through to the Alt-Right, Identitarians, traditionalists and other new tribal radicals. Simply called The Patriot, the object of the paper will be to form public opinion into a broadly nationalist/anti-globalist direction. Its aim would be to normalise nationalism and provide a hub by which a wider nationalist base can develop and revolve around.

In style and content, a fine balance between tabloid and quality will need to be reached. With regular and guest columnists airing opinion on current affairs, issues of the day and big stories/events, alongside them will go exclusives and campaigns with the paper being lively in tone without appearing ‘trashy’. Special investigations on issues that the mainstream media won’t touch could also prove a winning formula. Naturally, this new title will make full use of social media. Efforts will be made for as wide a distribution as possible through newsagents, but great spectacle could be provided by volunteer street vendors (whose personal safety would be prioritised and paramount).

Perhaps initially a monthly, with a view to weekly, the first few issues will be free and there after set at 50p – no one will buy it if a pound was asked. Of course, an endeavour like this will necessitate serious financial backing – over to you Arron?