Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Forward to the New Squirearchy!

The year revolved around the village, the festivals round the year, the church round the festivals, the Squire round the church, and the village round the Squire. The Squire was our centre, a crumbling moot tree; and few indeed of our local celebrations could take place without his shade.
                                                                  - Laurie LeeCider with Rosie

We all want to see the Alt-Right go mainstream. We want to see it reach that critical mass where its ideas and tenets are normalised. This will mean recognising realpolitik to a large extent. Playing to populist tunes guided by our agendas. But it is important not to lose sight of our ideals. During the media's brouhaha in the wake of that speech of Hillary's, Richard B. Spencer was pressed on the idea of the ethno-state. Correctly, he likened the notion to the left's goal of communism - the ethno-state is the Alt-Right's land of milk and honey, but of course it's not up for discussion today or next week. However, although our immediate tasks are to challenge liberalism, egalitarianism and globalism with the primacy of race,  race realism, identity, nationhood, hierarchy, traditionalism etc, it is vital we retain a visionary ideal. A spiritual dimension that can satisfy the romantics, while all the dull, profane political battles are taking shape.

I propose that ideologues within the wider Alt-Right should be considering the adoption of agrarian schools of thought as legitimate ideals. I am of course not suggesting the reintroduction of serfdom - it's not a selling point. However, rural ways of life and economies correlate with Alt-Right thinking. Ruralism is a noble, morally superior state of existence to urban living which is susceptible  to alienation, degeneracy, deracination and consumerism. I'm not suggesting Alt-Right ideology should become exclusively agrarian - we cannot all waltz off and be farmers - but agrarianism deserves a place at the table.

Agrarian lifestyles and the advocacy of them by social movements such as what hopefully the Alt-Right will become, are a basis for the elevation of tribe, homeland and people - because they provide a secure, organic basis for those sentiments. They provide the conditions for national, spiritual rejuvenation which industrialism and city life cannot. Of course we need some level of industry, as I've touched on before, but the plough should command the prime reverence.

In addition I (only half-jokingly) propose the Alt-Right adopt the policy position of a future benevolent hierarchy that I'll call the New Squirearchy. Land ownership could take many forms in an Alt-Right framework, and a Neo-Manoralist model (with a strong sense of justice and the knowledge that 21st Century populations must be fed) is one I suggest. After the great counter-revolution, where a new gentry has emerged through merit and great deed, land ownership has quite naturally fallen to them as agribusiness becomes an unpleasant memory.  The new squires should provide a sense of belonging, loyalty, comfort, continuity and duty - attributes whereby we might win our ethno-state sooner than we would guess.