Friday, 2 September 2016

Where now for the Alt-Right? As you were...

I remember experiencing, during my younger days as a leftist, periodic bouts of gleeful optimism. This or that initiative or strategy took off to my delight, only to fizzle out miserably a short time later and leaving me, like Wolfie Smith, dejected.

I've been reminded of that this past week in the aftermath of Hillary's Reno speech on the Alt-Right. Now don't misunderstand me, I think it's been great. The Alt-Right army has arrived and it could be about to mobilise up a gear towards the great culture war. But no Alt-Righter, from the Field-Marshals to the auxiliaries like myself need any lecturing on hubris. We just don't know what is going to happen.

I think I'm on message with what the veterans and High Command of the Alt-Right see it as and although a raw recruit I view myself as a loyalist to their core values. However I think it would be a tactical mistake to enforce orthodoxy on the numerous currents in and/or aligned to the Alt-Right - at least at this stage. Our focus now should be challenging the leftist-liberal hegemony that controls the western social narrative. This can be enacted without rigid ideology or a list of boxes to tick. If someone calls themselves Alt-Right but as far as you're concerned they're not, don't pick fights with them. It's of no importance, let them do their thing and you concentrate on yours. Learn from the past and avoid infighting. By all means debate when time permits and seek to educate your comrades, but don't let that become your sole activity. The main task and focus is challenging liberalism and liberals, that's it. Social movements historically develop and refine over time. The great reform movements of the nineteenth century were multifaceted and varied as were the socialist movements in the twentieth. Over time vanguards and elites emerged which bought orthodoxy, but that was only when they were on the verge of social/political power after many years in opposition. The Alt-Right is nascent and no faction should seek to gain the rights to the label, even though they may have a strong case.

Regarding immediate tasks ahead I hope the Alt-Right will develop into a multifaceted, diverse counter-culture, free of squabbles, uninterested in minor points of disagreement, focussing it's energy on moving the Overton window in our general direction. I hope the Alt-Right grows organically and new elements within it appear adding momentum and ideas. Furthermore I look forward to other currents like the National-Anarchists, Identitarians and the more orthodox nationalist formations joining in dialogue with us and for all factions to act in a fraternal, non-sectarian manner. Unity in diversity should be our watchword and taking on the liberals in the potential great cultural battles ahead should be foremost in our minds, not ideological purity.