Sunday, 11 September 2016

Be prepared

Many of us have interests we fear make us look decidedly nerdish and I will confess mine here. For the last few years I've been a keen novice prepper. I won't elaborate too much as I don't really feel qualified to. Besides, there are dozens of websites, blogs and youtube channels dedicated to prepping where interested parties can have their questions answered.

I know prepping can be held up to ridicule, but I recommend the basics to anti-globalists. I don't know what the future holds, but if socio-economic upheaval does happen then being a half-clued up prepper would be advantageous.

I only have a simple Bug-out bag - a basic kit for emergencies, and if there's a power cut, I'm sorted for illumination with my solar charging kit (pictured).

My aim is to go totally off-grid, but that's some way off. I think prepping and off-gridding is something nationalists of all shades should consider. So too is growing vegetables. I started an allotment this year and have found it both rewarding and productive. Stocking up on clothing and toiletries are things I've started recently also.

Away from prepping, years ago I made the conscious decision as an anti-globalist to buy clothing and footwear from charity shops, jumble sales and car boots.

Small steps like these can help in weening we nationalists off our dependence on the globalist/consumerist machine we want rid of.