Thursday, 30 June 2016

The men of the woods

I was always a pessimist, particularly when it came to the preposterous idea that my ancestral homeland would ever break free from the all-powerful European Union... This past week has been one of the strangest I can remember, and as I suspect like many others, it still hasn't sunk in. And there was much rejoicing as Michael Palin once said. We can allow ourselves temporary celebration, but I don't think that any patriot and defender of homeland, heritage and tradition would argue that we have globalism, liberalism, cosmopolitanism, and one-worldism on the run.

Yes, Brexit has massive implications - but the radical nationalist strategy should continue to be one of rearguard action. The European Union may indeed crumble - it wouldn't be the first empire to do so. If it does then we Brits can take the credit for pushing that first domino. But modernity and all that it implies will continue to reign, Brussels or no. Radical nationalists need to adopt strategies of secession. We should (if we are not already country dwellers)  ignore the cities (at least temporarily) and up sticks to the countryside, to the farms, the hamlets, the homesteads, the villages, the market towns...closer to the real people of our lands. Where our folk have more of a tangible connection to our collective past. It is in the countryside where our people are less deracinated, more in touch with who they are - and thus showing they are the people we nationalists would prefer to associate with - and we might be able to offer them something too.

It is in the countryside that we radical patriots can best learn the skills needed for any future economic collapse. Prepping is an easy target for ridicule, but these skills are among the most valuable any radical nationalist can acquire. We can laugh at the Action Man image, but basic survival skills are worth having. The better nationalists become at prepping and self-sufficiency, the more able we are to live free of the forces we profess to oppose. It's worth considering.

After the Norman conquest, guerrilla warfare was waged against the invaders by determined bands of Anglo-Saxons. The Normans dubbed them the Silvatici - the men of the woods. Today's radical nationalists across the west (and indeed beyond) need to become latter-day Silvatici. Not as modern-day military men or Robin Hoods but as the people coming home, undetected, joining their kin who are already instinctively tribalistic, conservative, even today relatively unblemished by the globalist worldview.

The Austrians recently narrowly elected a progressive as their (apparently largely ceremonial) President. That is their will. But this map shows where his nationalist opponent picked up his votes from. In case you're wondering it's the blue bits - and those blue bits aren't urban.