Monday, 8 February 2016

Identity Crisis?

Ever since I broke with leftism over ten years ago, I've reminded myself never to be enslaved again by any ideology or dogma. I found National Anarchism appealing precisely because it facilitates the option of adopting many different socio-political beliefs and cultural traits. National Anarchism equals true diversity, pluralism and anti-imperialism through its emphasis on self-determination and freedom of association - and I remain supportive of these principles.

However, my political influences and allegiances continue to develop (in my view healthily). Recently I've gravitated towards two relatively new political/cultural movements: the AltRight which is primarily based in the US, and the Identitarian movement which is primarily based in Europe. My National Anarchism has been based from the start on the promotion of ethno/racial/indigenous identity (not all National Anarchists do so) and I have always lent a sympathetic ear to groups, movements and individuals with similar outlooks. This is what brought me into the orbit of the Alt-Right and Identitarianism.

Both these movements are broad based 'big tent' affairs with an emphasis on the cultural, rather than the political sphere. This appeals to me because although I remain generally supportive of nationalist political parties, I believe that for radical nationalism and tribalism to take hold in the West in the face of globalism, we need a cultural revolution where our identity politics can become normalised and enter the mainstream.

Both the Alt-Right and European Identitarians are young, dynamic, vibrant, smart, intelligent, articulate and use slick propaganda which they propagate well. I'm particularly impressed with the European Identitarians' mastery of disciplined demonstrations, stunts and most importantly their social welfare work. Tribalism should be active in all spheres.

A few weeks ago my belief in the National Anarchist cornerstone principle of autonomous tribal village communities was tested when I watched a video of a panel Q&A session at a conference of the National Policy Institute in the US, where Richard B. Spencer (a leading figure on the Alt-Right) said:
"We're Europeans. We're not these little people who want their own little garden, you know: 'My little garden patch out by the barn, we're gonna secede and have our little ethno-state'. No - we should be an empire. The thing that the current masters of the universe fear is a superpower on the level of a European empire. That is something that can confront them, that could defeat them, and I just think that at some point we as Europeans have to come to this realisation...we need to embrace power..."
This had a profound effect on me. Are empire and imperialism always or ever synonymous? Can a benign empire exist where intentional National Anarchist communities, networks and villages freely operate unhindered and protected by a ruling elite with its own anti-global, nationalist system? An empire where different ethnic/national populations and varied religious, cultural and social groups can practice semi-autonomy without fear or favour?

Given my own ethno-national identity, what is wrong with jettisoning the National Anarchist principle altogether and embracing the goal of a new anti-globalist European superpower, albeit one that recognises the different nations of Europe and their sovereignties, letting them manage their internal affairs, interfering only when that sovereignty is threatened? Or maybe just keep it simple with a wide, post-EU family of European homelands? These British Isles and this Europe are what my ancestors built for me and my people. Why should I betray this sacred inheritance in order only to retreat to the little tribal redoubts that I've been advocating here for years?...Well, the world is not black and white. I respect the pluralist principle. Not everyone sees the world the way I do (we could argue they are brainwashed with the liberal narrative, but will they listen?) Are liberals, and the 'different' to be turfed out? I still believe in self-determination for all, regardless of if I happen to approve of them or not. In addition, the green anarchist in me knows all about empires that come and go. Is it better to nurture our tribes out of sight of the machine?

So while I hail the Alt-Right and Identitarians and align myself with them, even in these uncertain times for Europe I still believe in the unlikelyhood of national/cultural revolution across Mother Europe, and for that reason I still adhere to the National Anarchist strategy of secession and autonomy within a liberal, globalist world. Is that defeatist? Maybe. I'm not some intellectual titan (can you tell?) All I can do is send my greetings, admiration and solidarity to the Alt-Right and Identitarians (fellow travellers for a better tomorrow) whilst continuing to plough my National Anarchist furrow.

Please watch and share the above video from the Identitare Bewegung and this one here from the National Policy Institute: