Monday, 2 February 2015

Whet the bright steel!

Whet the bright steel, Sons of the White Dragon, kindle the torch, Daughter of Hengist!

Introducing my newly acquired white dragon flag of the English. This flag, it has to be said, has its critics from within English nationalist circles. For the bigger picture I suggest you use Google, but to cut a long story short, there are questions over the flag's authenticity. Keen advocates claim it to be the prime Anglo-Saxon standard of pre-conquest England, but primary sources are few and arguably flakey. However, if Celtic identity can be reinvented and romanticised, then why not an English one?

As several different versions of the flag exist, I was planning on arguing here for a campaign of standardisation for the white dragon - in order to gain official recognition from Whitehall, the Flag Institute and Flag Registry. Gain this and public buildings could have their arms twisted to fly it (or possible unwelcome publicity if they decline). But I've now concluded we don't need the say so of petty officialdom to make the white dragon a banner for English patriots to rally to. A quick look on ebay alone where sales are in the hundreds, show the dragon's undisputed momentum - it is proving as popular, if not more so than many officially recognised flags.  The White Dragon, in it's present form, has been around since the 90s and it doesn't look like a flash in the pan. However, I am calling on white dragon advocates to favour and fly the design above. It's the best design in my opinion and here's why:

This one on the left, I believe, despite being the most ubiquitous design, isn't actually that good.

This one on the right is just a little to canine for my liking and, rather like the one below left, a little too reminiscent of the red dragon of the Wealas - the Welsh.

The design here on the right is better, but maybe a little too oriental perhaps?

The design, left, is of course the most accurate because the white dragon is really the Anglo-Saxon wyrm. A wyvern or viper, lacking hind legs. However the Wyvern has already been claimed by Wessex, so this won't do. To be fair, as far as I know this is the only design not currently commercially available. The design to the right here is probably nearest the mark in terms of historical accuracy, but lacks the x-factor in my book.

Of course, the red field is the one common denominator - it is striking, and can represent our common  English blood, and in the 21st century - defiance against a liberal elite. While green would obviously also be appropriate, every current design agrees on red, so I won't rock the boat further.

I don't wish to dictate - but this is a call to all defenders of the white dragon, lets choose one design and stick to it (that being the one favoured by me...)