Sunday, 14 September 2014

Be strong - vote 'wrong'!

Dogma dictates that anarchists, including National Anarchists, don't vote. "If you vote you are not an anarchist - by voting you are accepting the system which enslaves you." Noble words...and complete hogwash. I'm an anarchist - maybe an unorthodox one. I'm an anarchist because I advocate communities without the state as my ideal. These communities will have to be small to work. Mass society composed of millions cannot work without the state, so anarchist communities won't work unless they are small - no more than 500 individuals.

I vote and that doesn't change the fact that I'm an anarchist. The fact that I vote doesn't change my ideals or actions to bring them nearer to fruition. We radicals and tribalists need to promote real alternative debate throughout society and one free and easy way is to vote for the 'wrong' candidates. We need big votes for the 'wrong' candidates, so that the chattering classes, media elites, left liberals and the political establishment have no choice but to accept them as mainstream ideas. Large votes for UKIP and the BNP in Britain in recent years has forced taboos onto the political agenda and weakened the 'acceptable' consensus. The 'wrong' candidates could be nationalists, protectionists, regionalists, greens, radicals and nutcases, anti-PC merchants. Troublemakers that make people laugh and listen, shake things up. I don't agree with George Galloway on much, but at least he's makes platforms more spicy! Any candidates which will irritate the elites and force our rulers on the back foot is worth our vote in my book. Be strong, vote 'wrong'!