Monday, 21 April 2014

The subtle revolution

Some within UK nationalist circles have been hailing the the Right Sector as leaders of some Ukrainian national revolution but whatever the truth behind the murderous acts in Sloviansk yesterday, national revolution had nothing to do with it.

The Workers' Revolutionary Party used to (and probably still do) end many an article in its daily newspaper by stating the solution to this or that strike or crisis was to build the 4th International (or whatever it was). The Socialist Party of Great Britain say that only their brand of socialism can alleviate the world's ills. I won't argue about that. Although I am a National Anarchist I would never claim it is perfect and the one true path. However I do believe that its methods and application can indeed offer something in bringing about a solution to the Ukrainian crisis. National Anarchism's core tenets of maximum autonomy, self-determination and secession are essential to a political settlement in Ukraine. A national dialogue needs to begin involving autonomy for all nationalities including the minority Tatars and others. If ethnic Russians in the east want to declare independence or autonomy Kiev must let them. If they want to join Mother Russia - let them. Minority Ukrainians in Russian areas (and vice versa) need guaranteed rights - possibly involving the idea of National Personal Autonomy. I share the Right Sector's opposition to the EU and in an imperfect world I wish for an independent Ukraine with national values - free of EU or Moscow's dominance.

There is a lot of merit to the assertion that revolutions can be bought about by a small determined elite. Some nationalists may be tempted to think that the Right Sector fit this role. I don't think, however, that their apparent chauvinistic and imperialistic actions can ever be supported by true radical nationalists. Besides, I believe the current neo-liberal regime in Kiev are too powerful, backed as they are by the EU and NATO - to be toppled or let Right Sector get their way. Right Sector operate in a statist mindset. The empires will never allow them to seize control of Ukrainian civic society. Maybe they can eventually control the streets of every city, but as long as the NWO controls the corridors of power, this would amount to nothing. Real national revolution in the 21st century globalist order needs to be subtle and peaceful. National dialogue in Ukraine has the potential to sow the seeds of the process toward maximum devolution and to the National Anarchist vision of federations of autonomous regions, localities and villages - and that is national revolution to its logical conclusion.