Saturday, 30 March 2013

Howay man! Get on that ballot!

What with the Wessex Regionalists leading the way, it'll be nice to see other English regionalists and autonomists following suit. The upcoming South Shields by-election (polling day probably 2 May) provides a good opportunity for a Northumbrian candidate to enter the electoral fray. Northumbrian advocates keep threatening to establish a Northumbrian Party and a while back it looked on the cards - now it seems off again. What about some firebrand Northumbrian activist standing as an independent on a Northumbrian regionalist/independence ticket? A candidate with Northumbrian pride on the agenda could light that touch paper! Sometimes history just needs a nudge!

Northumbria is an English region with a huge sense of identity, culturally, linguistically. There's a big potential for a movement there along the lines of Wessex, East Anglia and Kernow - authentic regionalism based in roots and pride. This blog is a good starting point for all things Northumbrian.

Monday, 25 March 2013

Peter Porcupine makes two fifty

Whilst I was dipping into Richard Ingrams' The Life and Adventures of William Cobbett over the weekend it occurred to me that this month marks the 250th anniversary of the great man's birth. I have always been intrigued by Cobbett ever since my school history lessons, and I've always been ashamed I don't know more about him. At school I remember thinking that here was a man with a vision of England that appealed to me more than one of workers' soviets and red flags flying from imposing factories, but gradually I pushed Bill to the back of my mind and down the Leftist path I trod.  
What Cobbett would make of National Anarchism and similar currents it is impossible to say, but we National Anarchists and other radical nationalists surely share much of his views, even if his world and ours are so different. Cobbett's patriotic radicalism is not so different from our own nor his love of his people, but not what was happening to them. His dislike of increasing industrialism and urbanisation is one I believe most National Anarchists concur with too. His advocacy of the cottage economy and self-sufficiency, together his opposition to 'big' capitalism in favour of the small producer and tradesman can certainly be aligned with the distributist ideas that came after him and still influences radical nationalism today.

Cobbett's 250th birthday is a good excuse to revisit his ideas have them inspire national radicals today.


On This Day

Today is Lady Day and apart from the religious significance, it is one of the quarter days of old England. For those National Anarchists who base their tribalism on common origins and collective heritage (and I accept some choose not to) our folk calendars provide timely reminders of our identity. As Ray Davies sang - Thank you for the days.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Fancy a pint?

This news item speaks for itself but I would add that the growth of small breweries in the UK is a very welcome development in this age of corporate omnipresence. I hope community ownership of pubs becomes commomplace in the near future.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

We few

As I feared, the Wessex Regionalists didn't exactly cause a political earthquake in Eastleigh last Thursday. In fact they recorded their lowest ever result with Colin Bex securing 30 votes. But it's still better than 20 or 25! I had hoped in the absence of a Green candidate that Colin might have picked up more, but maybe Jim Duggan of the Peace Party did for that (he got 128 votes) But, as no doubt Mr. Bex would tell us, the WRs didn't stand for the maximum vote - they stood to get their ideas of localism, regionalism and agrarianism to a wider audience. And they did indeed garner a good amount of local and national press coverage with Colin even appearing on Newsnight sparring with Lord Ashdown! Hits to their website look like they've jumped considerably. Job done, £500 well spent. The WRs have announced they are looking to stand a candidate in each of the eight shires of Wessex at the 2015 General Election (they need to find £4k just for starters then!) All of course to boost Wessex consciousness and the Small is Beautiful idea.

Over a pint last night a friend of mine was of the opinion that the WRs are on to a loser because "There's no sense of a Wessex consciousness" and there is far, far more loyalty to the shires. Certainly true in the case of county loyalty and a good thing too as I'm sure the WRs would concur. But while I sympathised, I disagreed that the Wessex name is meaningless it is used by hundreds of businesses, it crops up a lot in the sporting world and other organisations, and yes - Thomas Hardy certainly helped!

If we are going to have a regionalist revolution let's at least base it in history and heritage. For radical nationalists and our fellow travellers the parish is paramount, but as the WRs put it themselves, regions are big enough to cope, small enough to care. And let's not have the politician's 'South-West' - the only way is Wessex!

News from Italia

Looking up last's week's Italian General Election results on a well known on-line encyclopedia, I noticed that the autonomous nationalist(ish) Casapound movement picked up 47,000 votes. News to me - I was hitherto unaware that they even took part in the electoral process. Not speaking the lingo, I don't know the details. But from what I gather Casapound are a real social movement - running social centres, organising gigs and sporting and cultural activities and all from a radical nationalist perspective. I'm not keen on reported fisticuffs with opponents and attempting to break up rival political meetings however. Come on lads, it's not the 1930s! Concentrate your energies on building the positive alternatives you excel at. Ignore your detractors, leave them behind and work for your people.

47,000 is not an insignificant number. Imagine if those votes were converted into activists. Things would be pretty interesting in Italia.