Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bex speaks!

The irrepressible Colin Bex, President of the Wessex Regionalists, has been campaigning in the Eastleigh by-election. Maybe his election slogan should be ALL POWER TO THE PARISH COUNCILS! Sounds good to me.

Ladbrokes currently have him at 500/1 which is better odds than all the joke candidates, but somehow I think he might not get past the assorted loons. It'll probably be a low turnout and the Labour vote might go to the Lib Dems. I suspect Colin remains undeterred however. Of course, real radicals don't put their faith in the electoral farce, but we - and Mr. Bex - know we can sneak into the enemy camp to bang the drum for our alternative visions, whatever they may be. Elements of the Wessex Regionalists' 100 Pledges have an echo to them which could appeal to National Anarchists and NAs must side with all decentralists against the centralists. There are two other candidates (UKIP and English Democrats) which it could be argued are on the decentralist road, but not as far along it as Mr. Bex. The WRs party colours are green and gold: I suspect green for the green fields and woodland and gold for glorious seas of wheat. That's a world that I, and I would guess many other National Anarchists, find appealing.
Vote often, vote Regionalist!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Flying the flag for regionalism

Quick off the mark for once, Berrocscir's Banner notices that Colin Bex is to stand as the Wessex Regionalist candidate at the Eastleigh by-election on the last day of this month. Yes, Eastleigh deep in South Hampshire - famous for it's Jutish heritage. No, I jest - Eastleigh is as much in Wessex as Dorchester, Bristol, Winchester or Salisbury!

I wish Mr Bex all the very best and if I lived in the constituency, he'd certainly get my vote. The trouble with by-elections, however, is the tendency for every Tom, Dick and Harry to come out to play. So if Colin reaches three figures, he'd have done very well. He last stood in the Prime Minister's patch - where a load of others wanted a pop at Dave too, so he must relish a fight.

It's none of my business what the electoral strategy of the Wessex Regionalists is. Maybe, as the small party they are, they just stand when and where opportunities arise given their resources, and get a bit of publicity out of it. This is understandable enough. If you and your comrades wanted to start getting decent votes though, you would pick an area - maybe with one of you there on the ground. Get your mates over two Satuardays a month for a stall in town and a bit of leafletting. Write letters to the local press, do a newsletter, do good works, get in the paper, talk to people (a lot of people) with a clipboard in hand. Then stand two or three years later...But there's no harm in standing when the situation arises if you've got £500 to spare. The WRs are flying the Regionalist flag by standing in Eastleigh and if they can get a leaflet drop done (detailing their radical alternative) it'll be worth it for Wessex and worth it for regionalism.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Meanwhile...back in the real world

Last year I posted for a while regarding the national liberation struggle in Northern Mali (Azawad) by the Tuareg separatist MNLA. My hope then was that they would secure an independent Tuareg state with full rights and self-determination for Azawad's ethnic minorities. But MNLA gains were soon hijacked by religious imperialists.

Now the French are on the ground with their superior and insurmountable military might - that's the reality. The MNLA say they will work alongside them against Ansar Dine et al. Does this make the MNLA lapdogs to imperialism? Maybe dogmatists would say yes, but free thinking supporters of national liberation and seccession would say no - the MNLA are realists and pragmatists, knowing their weaknesses as well as their strengths. It would be easy for bourgeois politicos (and maybe I have a case to answer!) to write off the MNLA as opportunists, globalist lackeys, but they are only doing what they must given the circumstances.

My hope now is for the dust to settle quickly and for the MNLA to begin talks with Bamako - possibly with the French facilitating. It won't be plain sailing, but it will be worth it if it secures greater autonomy for the Tuareg and other ethnic groups in Azawad.

Comic capers

The other day I was browsing the politics section of a large mainstream (not radical) bookshop. They had a copy of a comic book (are we supposed to call them graphic novels now?) about the Occupy movement and sort of the Left libertarian cause in general. A lot of fisticuffs in it, and from what I remember it was quite approving of revolutionary violence. My first thoughts were that if it were from a nationalist perspective, no way in a million years would it make it onto a mainstream bookshelf. My attention was also drawn to the beginning of the book where a brief history of the world was depicted...Very pro-tribal! Roman empire the baddies - European tribes the goodies. Tribal ways of life were presented in a positive way. So I say "Go with it comrades!" If tribal societies were good 2000 years ago - then why not now?