Saturday, 21 December 2013

Situation vacant?

Speaking in Shanghai this week Prof. Steve Rayner said that "the global population was in the middle of the greatest migration in history, with 75% of the world population predicted to be living in cities by 2030." To prepare for this Prof. Rayner urged the development of 'eco-cities' and sustainable urban living. I certainly approve of the 'greening' of cities with urban farms and the large-scale adoption of veggie patches in every back garden, verge and window box. However, long term this prediction presents National Anarchists and radical nationalists with an opportunity.

If the rural population ups sticks in such large numbers and goes off to seek their fortune in the big city (and remember they did this once before) this might just leave the odd bit of land and farmhouse for us lot to colonise. Yes, this figure of 75% will be unevenly spread, but surely even in the 'developed' world it might leave its mark. Okay, large companies might land grab much of the space to feed the cities. This means we need to keep our eyes open for the opportunities. Some radical nationalists have been talking about the need for organising NOW to raise the funds necessary. The rest of us need to listen. Our future lies in rural areas away from the city - the home of globalism.