Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Lion in the north

Yesterday's pro-independence rally in Edinburgh (Photo: RT News)

I'm confident of Catalan freedom, not so confident of Scottish freedom in its referendum on independence from the UK a year from now. The reason for this that three hundred years of political union with England and Wales has left its mark socially and culturally. Although brokered artificially by social elites of the day, political union has developed organic cultural and social ties (many which existed before 1707 in any case) 'Britishness' does exist in and of its own right. But for radical nationalists Scottishness comes first.
National Anarchists and other national revolutionaries have no wish to deny close cultural ties between tribes and nations but we DO wish to break up political unions. The maximum devolution we wish to see has to start some somewhere and that's why we should support the 'Yes' campaign for Scottish independence. We as radical nationalists call for an independent Scotland OUTSIDE OF THE EU!
But why stop there? Scotland, like anywhere else has its unique regions that are culturally and socially distinct. The Borders have a different vibe to Orkney which differs from Shetland. The Highlands are distinct from the Islands. Scottish independence should be the beginning of a process towards placing political power at the lowest level - City states, parishes, villages. Under this scenario, the Scottish nation will exist culturally, socially and economically in confederated micro nations from Dumfries to Thurso, Edinburgh to the Hebrides...but cease on a political level. Of course other tribes and 'nations' will exist on Scottish soil too - this is part of the pluralistic National Anarchist vision.