Sunday, 15 September 2013

Every journey...

National Anarchists should support this week's protests for Catalan independence. Catalan nationalists may not be calling for autonomous tribal village communities - but the are decentralists - calling for secession from the 'Spanish' state. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, does it not? The break up of larger states into smaller ones is something that National Anarchists and other radical nationalists should encourage and get behind. It is a process which can open minds toward our ideals of decentralisation, regionalism and local autonomy

One frustrating aspect in the case of Catalonia is that so many want the break from Madrid but not from the EU! That's like the Schoolkid who would rather get a slap from the School Bully himself rather than one of his cronies! Even so, any measure of separatism should be welcomed as a step toward a free and independent Europe of nations and regions and as a step along the road to autonomous tribal communities - the National Anarchist ideal.

States, in any case are bullies. They bully communities into accepting the rule of law of a governing centralised elite. Just because different communities with different cultures, languages and identities live within set geographical borders they may have different values and interests. Civic nationalism and modern states dictate that they all have to tow the line. This is why National Anarchists ARE anarchists! We believe that people should be free to choose their own identities and live (within reason) by the own values and systems - within their own separate, self-governing tribal communities.

The sectarianism we are witnessing in Egypt and Syria can surely be addressed by the concept of National Personal Autonomy and the curtailing of state power in favour of tribal autonomy and decision making - and of course with the development of tribal economies too.