Sunday, 11 August 2013

A call to heed

An important essay here from a newish site that should be of interest to National Anarchists who identify with ethnic origin. It is written from a white European perspective, but it's arguments will apply to all separatists of all of persuasions. One problem I have with it is the author's argument that separatist communities can act as bridgeheads from where  'homelands' can be reclaimed - something that is pretty much impossible from where I'm standing. Besides, National Anarchists have no interest in 'reclaiming' the nation state - we are opposed to it, but we ARE interested in separate, autonomous communities organised along the identity of their own choosing. Hopefully this essay will kick start a serious debate within radical nationalist circles and indeed the wider anti-globalist movement (some hope, eh?)

To those of us dissatisfied with the second rate neo-liberal world we are mired in, we cannot afford not to start talking about it. Anyway, take a look here.