Thursday, 30 May 2013

Laying siege to London

Eric Pickles is rapidly becoming one of my favourite politicians (well I don't have many). Fresh from promoting England's traditional (i.e. real) counties, Mr. P (Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government) gave the nod for the Wyvern flag of Wessex to be flown outside his department's offices in London. Who would have thought that a regional flag of England would gain approval from central government? There are some that say the Wessex Wyvern is essentially the White Dragon emblem of Anglo-Saxon England, and there may be some truth in that assertion. But these days he is predominately associated with Wessex. Other traditional regions of England - Northumbria, Mercia, and East Anglia - have their own flags in any case.

Clearly there's some sort of nascent acknowledgement from the powers that be going on here. Since Scottish, Northern Irish and Welsh devolution there has been rumblings of English nationalism and there always has been county/shire pride. Now it's fair to say we are witnessing stirrings of regionalism, so if the neo-liberals and centralists in London want to throw a crumb to the pitchfork wielding hoards, that's fine by me. Have we found a chink in the armour? Onward with the regionalist revolution. Let's see the St. Alban's Cross of Mercia and the rest get the respect they deserve too. Let's see them today as the rallying standards toward political, economic and cultural devolution.

Since we're on the subject of regionalism. I note that the Mercian Party has again re-registered with the Electoral Commission. Now I'd love to see a website...