Saturday, 11 May 2013

Cast adrift the Great Wen

News that that the 'King of the World' himself, Boris Johnson, is seeking tax raising and other powers for London (you know - the Great Wen  - that cist that gobbled up bits of Middlesex, Kent and Essex)  keeps English devolution on the political agenda. The Northern England devolution referendums were lost (good!) because they were set on the government's terms, did not take into account genuine regional identities, and ultimately would only have became just another layer of government. Cities (we're stuck with 'em) have largely forged their own identities and economies. So it is logical they should seek home rule. Like regional assemblies, city folk have, in the main, rejected elected mayors because they have no real power. Give local communities that power and they will snap 'em up!

Some nationalists ( I call them 'state-nationalists') reject regionalism because they see regionalists as doing the globalisers' dirty work for them - eroding national identity. I don't follow the logic. Genuine regionalists do not kow-tow to state agendas; they desire real political and economic power to be devolved to the regional level. Many regionalists (and certainly all National Anarchists) seek to take political power away from both the state and multi-state agencies to local communities. Real regionalists have no quarral with radical nationalists. They recognise nations as organic entities - historic peoples bound together through history, culture and other common ties - but they also realise that their common futures depend on 'smaller' cultural, political and economic units - within a wider national unity.The more power and identity is devolved, the harder it is for the neo-liberals and globalisers to get their way.

National Anarchists should recognise that millions of people today live in cities and that they will therefore identify with them. Many in modern cities have developed city farms and urban agricultural modes of self-sufficiency. Good! Local identities - old and new - should be championed by National Anarchists. But to those who really adhere to the National Anarchist vision (and there are not that many) Berrocscir's Banner says: esacape to the country!