Sunday, 21 April 2013

Staying with the Motherland

Last month's Falkland Islander's sovereignty referendum promoted a debate on Peter Lavelle's  CrossTalk on RT. I remember one guest - a chap from the Guardian - stressed that the result was invalid because the Islanders did not constitute a nation and as a consequence had no right to self-determination. As a National Anarchist I'm of the opinion that not only nations have this right - all social groups do too: religious groups, sub-nations, city dwellers, villagers, sub-cultural groups, neo- tribes, gays - whatever.  But this aside, are not the Falklanders a nation? A closely knit community with a common ancestry and Motherland? If they are not a nation themselves in the strictest sense then they are an outpost of one. Settlers who have developed into a sub-tribe with an identity of their own. Over generations they have worked hard and created a life and economy of their own. If they cannot decide their own destiny, who can?

As a  National Anarchist I would have preferred the Falkland Islanders to have declared independence, but that's obviously not up to me. They made the decision to stay bound to the UK, and I in the Motherland respect and accept them for that.

A slogan for our times...
Following on from the post on William Cobbett last month, writing in 1821 the great man said: "We want great alteration, but we want nothing new." Something many National Anarchists would today concur with? As a lover of tradition, hearth and home, I do.