Saturday, 2 March 2013

News from Italia

Looking up last's week's Italian General Election results on a well known on-line encyclopedia, I noticed that the autonomous nationalist(ish) Casapound movement picked up 47,000 votes. News to me - I was hitherto unaware that they even took part in the electoral process. Not speaking the lingo, I don't know the details. But from what I gather Casapound are a real social movement - running social centres, organising gigs and sporting and cultural activities and all from a radical nationalist perspective. I'm not keen on reported fisticuffs with opponents and attempting to break up rival political meetings however. Come on lads, it's not the 1930s! Concentrate your energies on building the positive alternatives you excel at. Ignore your detractors, leave them behind and work for your people.

47,000 is not an insignificant number. Imagine if those votes were converted into activists. Things would be pretty interesting in Italia.