Saturday, 30 March 2013

Howay man! Get on that ballot!

What with the Wessex Regionalists leading the way, it'll be nice to see other English regionalists and autonomists following suit. The upcoming South Shields by-election (polling day probably 2 May) provides a good opportunity for a Northumbrian candidate to enter the electoral fray. Northumbrian advocates keep threatening to establish a Northumbrian Party and a while back it looked on the cards - now it seems off again. What about some firebrand Northumbrian activist standing as an independent on a Northumbrian regionalist/independence ticket? A candidate with Northumbrian pride on the agenda could light that touch paper! Sometimes history just needs a nudge!

Northumbria is an English region with a huge sense of identity, culturally, linguistically. There's a big potential for a movement there along the lines of Wessex, East Anglia and Kernow - authentic regionalism based in roots and pride. This blog is a good starting point for all things Northumbrian.