Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Bex speaks!

The irrepressible Colin Bex, President of the Wessex Regionalists, has been campaigning in the Eastleigh by-election. Maybe his election slogan should be ALL POWER TO THE PARISH COUNCILS! Sounds good to me.

Ladbrokes currently have him at 500/1 which is better odds than all the joke candidates, but somehow I think he might not get past the assorted loons. It'll probably be a low turnout and the Labour vote might go to the Lib Dems. I suspect Colin remains undeterred however. Of course, real radicals don't put their faith in the electoral farce, but we - and Mr. Bex - know we can sneak into the enemy camp to bang the drum for our alternative visions, whatever they may be. Elements of the Wessex Regionalists' 100 Pledges have an echo to them which could appeal to National Anarchists and NAs must side with all decentralists against the centralists. There are two other candidates (UKIP and English Democrats) which it could be argued are on the decentralist road, but not as far along it as Mr. Bex. The WRs party colours are green and gold: I suspect green for the green fields and woodland and gold for glorious seas of wheat. That's a world that I, and I would guess many other National Anarchists, find appealing.
Vote often, vote Regionalist!