Sunday, 30 December 2012

What you want - a medal?!

No disrespect to Bradley Wiggins - he's a nice bloke and c'mon: the man looks cool, almost too cool. But knighting the fella because he can ride a push bike reinforces the annual tradition of  the British public saying with one voice: Hasn't the New Year's Honours list become a laughing stock...?

That said, there is one lady worthy of the BEM she has received. Agnes Leask the longstanding Shetland crofter, is a lady who truly deserves a medal. The people who work the land the world over are true heroes. Traditional farmers, like the Scottish crofters embody a way of life most compatible with National Anarchism. The communities they help shape are the sort National Anarchists most desire.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Pointing the way to the ranges

Well, where did 2012 go?! And what will next year bring? One thing we can be pretty confident of is that National Anarchism (as a political-socio-economic-nay-philosophical current) is starting to take root. It looks like it's gonna stay. More people are talking about it, writing about it or advocating it. Okay the National Anarchist current is still a minor one, but it has survived the rough and tumble - it's arrived. In a couple of places National Anarchists are taking to the streets once more. Why bother? Well, as the authors of the Uncivilisation manifesto put it: Because virtual reality is, ultimately, no reality at all. National Anarchism cannot remain on a screen. Sure, it can develop there, but it needs to get out in the real world. I do my best to spread the National Anarchist message out there - not least just by talking to people - but in the new year my aim is to look into ways to evangelise more effectively. I also want to continue studying and increasing my understanding of other radical nationalist currents. I'm curious about this Fourth (4th) Political Theory...I'm not sure about it - it appears a bit imperialistic to me...but I intend to investigate further and would welcome my concerns reassured!

I think 2012 has been good for NA - we've seen a few setbacks, but the last twelve months have seen the 'digging in' of our standpoints and our leading lights have pointed the way to the ranges - as again the Uncivilisation chaps would put it! We've got a long, long way to go, but I've got a feeling National Anarchist ideas and the greater radical nationalist current will be right there in the mix in the coming years as part of the opposition, and alternative to, globalist hegemony. We must stick to our radical traditionalist morals (why should we 'move with the times'?! Where has it led us?!) whilst maintaining our revolutionary vision: to break away - separate. We need more propaganda and practical examples - through lifestyle changes that reflect our beliefs (and we need to encourage others of the political, economic and spiritual benefits of doing so) And we need to look to build socio-economic projects (and partake in already existing ones) where we can realise the beginnings of our goal.

A happy new year to readers of Berrocscir's Banner (I still wanna get into Pseuds Corner by the way!) To those who 'follow' the blog and link to it - THANK YOU! Greetings and a happy new year to all National Anarchists, radical nationalists, tribalists, the preppers and all anti-globalist partisans everywhere. And to the secessionists - I hope it's gonna be a good year for you! God bless.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Post state nations

After reading the recent comments by Baroness Warsi and Clarissa Dickson Wright, it left me with the impression that they were both hinting at the same thing - INTEGRATION. This is the cure-all solution that the political elites from the liberals to the Tory right have to cultural dividing lines in the UK. Blend in and enrich, that's what we're told. Of course over many centuries many European cultures have gradually added to the British cultural mix in an organic process. All cultures develop slowly with the march of time. A simple reason why British culture/s have absorbed other European cultures is because of their similarity to one another. But the situation we have seen since the 1950s is rapid cultural change by mass immigration in a relatively short space of time. Today this has kick started engineered and enforced cultural blending by diktat - from our political elites not from the people. And when the so called patriotic right start talking about blending of cultures, you know cultural Marxism has triumphed!

European and Islamic cultures are starkly different. Why should Britain's Islamic communities be expected to integrate and let their identity become diluted? Likewise the British? Haven't we had enough enriching and improving? We are having enough trouble with the Americanisation/globalisation of our respective cultures without having to worry about fitting in with our new neighbours.

Of course orthodox nationalism has lost the day - we cannot talk of the nation state in a practical sense. Many, many races, ethnicities and cultures are here in Britain to stay. But we can look to the National Anarchist case: local and regional autonomous communities linked in federation. Communities and networks that can do their own thing - without having to 'fit in'.

A labour of love

Planning Minister Nick Boles' comments that buildings can be more beautiful than nature certainly made me wince - and a couple of letters to The Daily Telegraph (my rag of choice) rightly added that sometimes nature is not pretty. Of course nature is often red in tooth and claw, hideous and cruel. But Mr Boles was referring to the British countryside. I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking our magnificent countryside is the best in the world (allow me some chauvinism!) and it is not really nature - it is nature in tandem with man. In this case it is that beautiful patchwork that makes up so much of our collective national consciousness. That green land and wild wood that generations of our people molded and lived off so that we are here today - that is real beauty.