Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Curiouser and curiouser

 I'm all for pragmatism in reaching political goals, especially if bloodshed can be avoided. But the news over the weekend that the MNLA and Ansar Dine had joined forces raised an eyebrow on your Editor.

Reports suggest that the 'merger' between the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad and the Islamist Ansar Dine has hit a rocky patch. Time will tell. The National Anarchist goal is a homeland and autonomy for all ethnic groups in Azawad, not just for the majority Tuaregs. But it should be recognised that history rarely moves as fast as we would like, and at least Ansar Dine seem edging toward the secessionist position. It's the religious imperialism they espouse which could jeopardise the birth of a new Tuareg state.

No excuse needed for a knees-up!

When listening to Radio 4's You and Yours the other week, I chanced upon ol' Billy Bragg discussing the old chestnut of what should be England's national anthem. England doesn't have one, but the United Kingdom does. I disagree with Billy's nascent civic-nationalism, but he did suggest (flippantly?!) that Ian Drury's England's Glory (which I discovered was covered by Max Wall!) should get the accolade while a listener suggested Kate Bush's Oh England My Lionheart. Now among others, I've long admired these two artistes, but I've never heard these two particular dittys before. So I thought I'd reproduce them here in association with a well-known video sharing site. Maybe I should have posted them for St. George's Day or even St. Edmund's Day, but I can celebrate my homeland every day, eh!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Economic patriotism

Alright, not quite the soundtrack we'd want, but still! Thanks Sir Bruce!

The farmers market scene continues to grow. I have used one three miles away and now there's one just a mile down the road - how's that for progress?! Better still are the Farm shops - produce direct from the producer. As National Anarchists we need to support these trends. Not only because they are localist and/or regionalist, but because most of the folk involved are small producers and their way of working falls in with the distributist, agorist systems which can form the basis of nationalist or tribalist economics. This encourages tribal cohesion through economic self-reliance, which in turn can result in stronger communities. A strong, locally controlled economy equals a strong community. National Anarchism can encompass other growing initiatives like the Transition Towns movement and successful local currencies like those in Stroud, Totnes and Lewes. Radical nationalists and tribalists should aim toward Economic Autonomous Zones, as well as national ones - no-go areas for Tescos, Walmart et al!

Okay - I do pop into the Co-op, but I still buy the brand of bread that claims it only uses "100% British wheat"! C'mon - gimme a break!

It was nice to catch the green anarchist flags, prominent as they were on the RT News reports of the Montreal protests. Most, if not all, green anarchists will not share NA tribalist politics, but NAs have much to learn from green anarchist analysis and philosophy. Radical nationalists share much in common with the GA case and we should support and champion their intiatives, propaganda and action. Nationalist communities can only thrive when they are close to, and at harmony with - nature.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

These little worlds

It's only recently that I've been aware of just how widespread and well established the intentional community on a global level has become. The sites here and here provide an overview, although this by no means provides an exhaustive list of autonomous projects. Campaigns like The Land is Ours are also long established and fruitful.

Most of these communities have some unifying ideological basis on which they are run: religious, spiritual, ecological, political, economic or all of these. This is all compatible with National Anarchism - in fact it is its very essence! We don't need to wait for the revolution. In fact it is here and now. In any case, the people of the world just won't accept one homogeneous way of life and belief system, be it Leftist, nationalist, liberal or far out. So let people of like mind get together and be left alone. Some intentional communities profess no particular ideological line, but nevertheless they still display some level of dissatisfaction with mass society, otherwise why would they bother?

These communities, some of which have been functioning for decades, are the real vanguards of the anti-globalist movement, leading by practical example. For thousands of years humanity's preferred mode of living was the small settlement, where faces were familiar. It must have something going for it. So today, for those of us alienated by modernity and the hegemony of neo-liberalism, it is to these little worlds we should turn our gaze as something towards a remedy.