Monday, 26 March 2012

Tribal scars

I've scratched old England on the back and her's gived us wealth untold
                                                                - Mont Abbot

So - I freely admit I'm not going to win any photojournalism awards, but I snapped the picture above and managed to get it on here, which believe me, is some achievement...

England's green and pleasant land - no doubt. But this little bit of it has some scar tissue.

Back in February I travelled up to North Leigh in West Oxfordshire - or Nor Lye as the natives say. A mile over several stiles  - and there she was: Grim's Ditch! ...albeit the least impressive end of her. If you look at the smaller tree on the centre right of the photo, can you see a faint diagonal line extending slightly upward toward the middle left to the branches of the larger tree? That's her. Grim was one of the names the Anglo-Saxon's called Woden, but the Ditch herself dates from the Iron Age. She may have demarcated the border between the Ancient British/Brythonic tribes of the Dobunni and the Catuvellauni. In fact this part of the world remained border country in Saxon times, forming the frontier between Wessex and Mercia.

Look on any good map of England and you will see these tribal scars - some real war wounds like Wansdyke - others, like Grim's Ditch, more of a scratch. Either way they are ripples that echo down the ages from our ancestors. From great hillforts to burgh defences and to medieval ploughing ridges still clearly seen undulating over our green fields - they can remind us of who we are and where we came from.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Build our worlds and leave them theirs

For a good while yours truly believed that the age of the mass movement had long passed. But perhaps, since the financial crisis, we may be witnessing the birth of a new one. The Occupy movement has the potential to develop into a genuinely widespread, deep-rooted political movement with influence - placing it in the mainstream, away from the fringes. And although Marxists and left anarchists would like to think they do - they don't control it. Six months on from its birth there is still debate within Occupy about just what the alternative is - and this is where radical nationalists can (if the dogmatists of the Left won't kick up a stink about it!) contribute. Of course, Occupy is not going to overthrow the system or anything like it. But it is a base that could possibly develop a new politics, beyond Left and Right. It would be easy for radical nationalists to dismiss Occupy as 'communist' but this would merely be displaying the same dogma as the Anarcho-Marxist-liberals. We tribalists have much to learn from Occupy. There are plenty of radical ideas floating around within it that we could easily adapt to our national/tribal values - especially from the alternative counter-economics and lifestyles Occupy espouses. Nationalists shouldn't try to win control of Occupy for our owns ends - apart from anything else, we just couldn't, and besides to do so would mean we become cultural imperialists like the globalisers and the orthodox Left! We should however aim to engage, contribute and promote.

It will be objected that Occupy merely regurgitate the standard 'no-borders' Leftist mantra, but this only offers us an opportunity of putting forward the nationalist case: that our tribalist cause is the antithesis of, and antidote to, globalism. We can argue that current immigration levels are the result of a global economy - so in holding a 'no-borders' policy the movers and shakers of Occupy are encouraging one of the very things the globalisers need to maintain their international markets. They are in effect supporting the system. The real way to support and show solidarity with immigrants is to help stop them becoming so in the first place - by calling for autarky: strong, protectionist, localised economies in their own lands. This is the real solution to globalisation and it is a nationalist/tribal one.

Besides, new layers of people, particularly younger ones, are becoming radicalised through Occupy and our radical nationalist message should be right there in the mix.

The autonomous nationalist scenes across Europe, including the newly formed ACN/AKN network and the more established Italian scene, are doing great things in promoting radical nationalism at street level. They are also creating alternative social and cultural networks offering the choice of living life beyond the clutches of the New World Order. AutoNats and National Anarchists cannot confront the system, but we can attempt to bypass it using socio-cultural networks and our own counter-economics based on our tribalist principals. Mass society implies an 'all-inclusive' society and cannot be saved from multi-culturalism, neo-liberal economics and liberal social values, so there is no point in waging national liberation and/or class struggle in the traditional sense. By creating our own alternatives - social-cultural-economic secession  - we redefine national revolution for the 21st century. Class struggle is no longer an option - it has been rendered obsolete by the triumph of globalism. And our own parallel alternative societies will be small enough to facilitate a social harmony because we will all share the same values and goals. Even if our alternatives develop social strata of their own it will not develop into a separate class consciousness or identity (a concept which is doubtful at best, at any rate - Homo Economicus exists only in the minds of Lefties if you ask me. Heritage and culture are the basis of identity. I think identity based on class is a fancy) because our world will be in the thousands not billions. Of course the vision laid out here is one of parallel existence with mass pluralist capitalist society running alongside it, under the radar as far as possible, but it can also encompass the PLE ideal.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Nothing's sacred

Earlier this week some honest Bookmakers saw fit to use the Uffington White Horse as an advertising prop in order to make a few quid. Big business had also used the Cerne Giant in the same way a few years ago.

Now I like a laugh as much as anybody and applaud creativity, but this is a step too far. This is a perversion of a national symbol. The bronze age hill figure has become a totem, a badge of identity on an ethno-national and certainly regional level. The horse is a living embodiment of our national, cultural and tribal heritage and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels insulted by this act. The bookies are saying they didn't harm the monument and apparently are offering the National Trust (the Horse's custodians) a few quid presumably as a good will gesture. This isn't the point and the NT shouldn't take their money. You just don't deface a national icon for material gain.