Sunday, 28 October 2012

Time to stop pretending

I have long respected those who own up to their own personal delusions and decide to call time on their ideological comfort zones. I can remember elements of the UK Left-anarchist scene going through a time of reflection in the 1990s, along with some Marxist groups around the same time. Of course nothing particularly Earth shattering came of their change of tack. But they at least set me on a trajectory that I've been travelling on ever since.

In many respects National Anarchism is a post-nationalist ideology - I'm sure for instance, most 'European' NAs know that Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand are never again to be 'ethnic homelands'. As the pendulum of history swings: well so what and why should they? So we need to forget the idea of mono-ethnic nation states in favour of tribal communities or local/district/regional networks of like-minded tribes.

Over the years groups and individuals have, from time to time, faced up to their own long held self-denial: from the left, right and now it seems from the ecologists, environmentalists and Greens. The Dark Mountain Project was the brainchild of Paul Kingsnorth and others. Their 2009 manifesto, "Uncivilisation" , makes interesting 'post-Green' reading. The Dark Mountain Project is apolitical - instead they call for something much more interesting! They argue, forcefully, that the Green movement is not going to 'save the planet' and that modern civilisation is "passing into history". They present 'Uncivilisation' as a new new cultural, artistic and literary movement to reflect the end of an age which which we are witness to. If the Dark Mountain Project do not constitute a 'new tribe', I don't know what does! The lack of politics initially put me off - but then who needs politics if you believe this civilisation is nearing its end?

From a National Anarchist standpoint the ideas espoused by the Dark Mountaineers are worth exploring and learning from. We must accept there will be no national revolutions and be prepared with our own radical nationalist alternatives ready for when today's empire falls. We must prepare to ignore the mainstream in the coming years and decades - it will almost certainly ignore us!

The Dark Mountaineers will probably reject National Anarchist ideas. That's OK - but their ideas involve just the sort of post-ideological thinking that can appeal to the wider radical nationalist currents. We would benefit from listening to what the Dark Mountaineers are saying about the coming collapse and incorporate their prophecies into our own arguments and strategies.