Monday, 1 October 2012

Farc off

During the English Civil War local groups of vigilantes known as Clubmen assembled to protect their kinfolk, farms and villages from the excesses of Royalists and Parliamentarians alike. Being a decentralist and localist I have great sympathy with them. They had every right to stand up against their supposed 'betters' in the warring factions 'above' them. I was reminded of the Clubmen back in July when I read that the Paez people of Colombia stood up to both the Colombian army and the FARC Marxist guerrillas in their tribal regions. They bravely told both sides to take their quarrel elsewhere and as a National Anarchist I totally support them.

Some radical nationalists may defend the FARC -  arguing that they are anti-imperialist and anti-globalist. Longstanding accusations against the FARC aside, I am all for the breaking down of ideological dividing lines and dogma in the fight against neoliberalism, but if the FARC's universalist, macro-ideology (Marxism) runs roughshod over the interests of sovereign nations like the Paez and others, then I'll always side with the little guys against the big.