Friday, 5 October 2012

A new breed

Yesterday I mentioned the term 'new tribes'. To me it's not a poetic term, more of a watchword for a new vanguard - a new elite of radical nationalists.

Taking a look around one might be forgiven to think that 'mainstream' nationalism is on the rise. But personally I saw enough false dawns when I was on the Left. What I'm hoping for is nothing new, nationalists of different hues have been saying it for twenty years plus: we cannot reclaim our territories from the globalisers - nor the majority of our 'own'. The nationalist political parties are stunted, but at the same time there can be no 'national revolutions' in the strictest sense. There may be a growing presence of 'street' nationalists - even in England (look on Facebook!) but they shouldn't kid themselves that they can set the political agenda let alone reclaim the state. They are up against two insurmountable obstacles: the global elites and the indifference of the majority of their people. Many, it is true, have a fairly strong sense of local or regional pride. Most folk have a rudimentary sense of ethnic tribalism. And of those who do not - some may recognise that human beings tend to have a strong sense of 'tribalism' around common beliefs or interests which people group around regardless of socio-economic or ethnic background. That said, many lack the convictions of National Anarchists and other radical nationalists. We radicals are not 'better' than them, we're just different - in our hearts and minds. Therefore we need to face facts and agitate for and build alternatives. We need political, economic, social, cultural and territorial secession - whatever our core beliefs.

Like the Pilgrim Fathers National Anarchists must become national pioneers and flee from the metropolitan empires. Salvaging what we can of our heritage and what our forefathers left us. Once we begin, maybe our example will attract others.