Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sons (and daughters) of Oswald arise

Back in this post from last December, I expressed my hope for a more visible regionalist movement in Britain, Northumbria included. While browsing the Electoral Commission's website this week, I was pleased to see the Northumbria Party as fully registered. Now I can see my dislike of social networking sites is sometimes unfounded, as the Party has a lively Facebook page. Ol' Berrocscir is over the moon to see they plan to field candidates in forthcoming elections. They stop short of a call for independence, but strong regionalist movements are a welcome addition in the anti-globalist resistance! Looking around, there are a number of blogs championing the land of King Oswald, so lets hope Northumbrian consciousness continues to grow as a consequence.

...and Penda

I also note the Mercian Party has re-registered. By their own admission, things have been tough for them of late, but just the act of re-registering shows their commitment to the regionalist cause. I wish them better fortune in future.