Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bringing on back the good times

I try to drink in moderation and these days I'm pretty choosy about where I do it. Not for me Wetherspoons, 'Sports bars' etc. I try to go for CAMRA approved free houses - that are big on local brews and where TVs are frowned upon...but also where a sing-song and a fiddle or two are welcomed.

A while ago I posted regarding the Sun Inn in Herefordshire, England - A traditional 'parlour pub', one of only a handful left, although thousands were to be found in the Victorian era. Cultural revival is a very good thing - a tribalist recovery kit. Aspects of our heritage, almost extinguished by global monoculture (or simply through the passage of time and social neglect) deserve enthusiastic and caring souls to blow on the embers and breathe new life into them. Cultural revivalists deserve a medal for repairing our connections with our collective tribal pasts...restoring and renovating our heritage and historical identity. This, to degree, happened with morris dancing and folk music in England. Well now it looks like it just might happen with the parlour pub: A Mr. Bryan Jones in Leominster, earlier this year intended to open an authentic parlour pub there. By all accounts it sounds like it's going to be a cracker! A place where nobody stares at a screen or has to shout over MTV to be heard...a place for community, and most importantly, one placed in tribal roots.