Tuesday, 29 May 2012

No excuse needed for a knees-up!

When listening to Radio 4's You and Yours the other week, I chanced upon ol' Billy Bragg discussing the old chestnut of what should be England's national anthem. England doesn't have one, but the United Kingdom does. I disagree with Billy's nascent civic-nationalism, but he did suggest (flippantly?!) that Ian Drury's England's Glory (which I discovered was covered by Max Wall!) should get the accolade while a listener suggested Kate Bush's Oh England My Lionheart. Now among others, I've long admired these two artistes, but I've never heard these two particular dittys before. So I thought I'd reproduce them here in association with a well-known video sharing site. Maybe I should have posted them for St. George's Day or even St. Edmund's Day, but I can celebrate my homeland every day, eh!