Sunday, 27 May 2012

Economic patriotism

Alright, not quite the soundtrack we'd want, but still! Thanks Sir Bruce!

The farmers market scene continues to grow. I have used one three miles away and now there's one just a mile down the road - how's that for progress?! Better still are the Farm shops - produce direct from the producer. As National Anarchists we need to support these trends. Not only because they are localist and/or regionalist, but because most of the folk involved are small producers and their way of working falls in with the distributist, agorist systems which can form the basis of nationalist or tribalist economics. This encourages tribal cohesion through economic self-reliance, which in turn can result in stronger communities. A strong, locally controlled economy equals a strong community. National Anarchism can encompass other growing initiatives like the Transition Towns movement and successful local currencies like those in Stroud, Totnes and Lewes. Radical nationalists and tribalists should aim toward Economic Autonomous Zones, as well as national ones - no-go areas for Tescos, Walmart et al!

Okay - I do pop into the Co-op, but I still buy the brand of bread that claims it only uses "100% British wheat"! C'mon - gimme a break!

It was nice to catch the green anarchist flags, prominent as they were on the RT News reports of the Montreal protests. Most, if not all, green anarchists will not share NA tribalist politics, but NAs have much to learn from green anarchist analysis and philosophy. Radical nationalists share much in common with the GA case and we should support and champion their intiatives, propaganda and action. Nationalist communities can only thrive when they are close to, and at harmony with - nature.