Thursday, 16 February 2012

If the cap fits...

A couple of weeks back I joined a work colleague from the maintenance dept. for lunch (blue and white collars unite!) over in his office (both of us being staunch 'sarnies' men) Imagine my delight when I noticed a small card depicting the White Dragon flag of the English pinned to the notice board. As you will guess our hour of freedom from global capitalism passed all too quickly, deep in discussion as we were around history, culture and ethno-identity.

Now we must remember that the White Dragon, claimed by some - but vehemently denied by others, to have been an anglo-saxon banner or flag of the early English is not without its controversies. However, flaws in historical authenticity aside, this particular totem is gaining popularity among patriots. I've seen this particular beast flying most recently in a front garden in Wiltshire and even (a while back) fluttering from a narrowboat. People seem to like him in greater numbers regardless of his origins in fragments of myth and passing comment from scribes of old. Come on countrymen and women - let's adopt him!