Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The fog of war

What is happening in Libya? Reports that Pro-Gaddafi fighters have taken control of Bani Walid and that some Gaddafite 'Green Resistance' continues in Gharyan, Assabia, Sabha and even Tripoli and Bengazi seem unfounded - no official confirmation is forthcoming.

Unlike some radical nationalist voices, Berrocscir's Banner has no love for Gaddafi the man, brute, tyrant. But his Green Book and Third Universal Theory have their merits: anti-globalist, decentralist, with aspects of corporatism and distributism - all encompassed within a radical arab-nationalist framework. If there are truly forces in Libya still loyal to the ideals of the Jamahiriya, then they should form a political party/movement to take their ideas to the masses. Of course the NTC may well pass laws a la denazification...

But what DOES seem apparent is that the NTC is facing growing opposition from the militias along tribal lines. The trouble in Bani Walid seems to centre of the local Warfalla tribe. What's the NTC's problem? What's wrong with letting Bani Walid runs it's own affairs as a city state, guided by the Warfalla -  at least until free and fair elections.

The Berbers too, are not happy. What we need to see is the NTC to continue tentative talks with all the tribes including the Tuaregs and move toward a loose Libyan federation along tribal lines. Or is that not in the puppet master's interests?

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Couldn't let this dispatch go without sending greeting to all Scots and those of Scottish descent on this Burn's Night - Have a good one!

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