Friday, 20 January 2012

All the tribes must flower

As Libya threatens to fall to warlordism, the Tuareg - a nomadic Berber people in North Africa - under the flag of the newly formed National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad , have been fighting and falling for that most logical (and spiritual) of human dignities: self-determination and autonomy along tribal lines. Their demand? Independence from and autonomy in northern Mali. It is a duty for National Anarchists to highlight and support their struggle - as indeed we should encourage all national liberation movements. A free Tuareg federation across the north of Africa fits within the National Anarchist worldview. The Left Anarchists dogmatically reject national liberation, placing - as they do - class above blood. Leave them in their corners. Social class can play a pivotal role within social movements and National Anarchists should always side with the toilers of all humanity against the robber barons of globalism. But history shows the tribal instinct is far greater that soulless textbook logic. The Marxoid obsession in trying homogenise humanity into worker-citizens of the world is understandably alienating.The answer is not to fight the tribal urge but to go with it! Vive le difference!

Mali, as with all states, should crumble - not from internationalist revolution but from national liberation. We move further toward a National Anarchist society by by ethno-secession - on the cards in Mali and Libya and, hey even the UK and US given time! National Anarchists should encourage the drive to national liberation - but we are human! Spread our message so that it appeals to reason - not a drop of blood need ever be spilt!