Sunday, 30 December 2012

What you want - a medal?!

No disrespect to Bradley Wiggins - he's a nice bloke and c'mon: the man looks cool, almost too cool. But knighting the fella because he can ride a push bike reinforces the annual tradition of  the British public saying with one voice: Hasn't the New Year's Honours list become a laughing stock...?

That said, there is one lady worthy of the BEM she has received. Agnes Leask the longstanding Shetland crofter, is a lady who truly deserves a medal. The people who work the land the world over are true heroes. Traditional farmers, like the Scottish crofters embody a way of life most compatible with National Anarchism. The communities they help shape are the sort National Anarchists most desire.

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Pointing the way to the ranges

Well, where did 2012 go?! And what will next year bring? One thing we can be pretty confident of is that National Anarchism (as a political-socio-economic-nay-philosophical current) is starting to take root. It looks like it's gonna stay. More people are talking about it, writing about it or advocating it. Okay the National Anarchist current is still a minor one, but it has survived the rough and tumble - it's arrived. In a couple of places National Anarchists are taking to the streets once more. Why bother? Well, as the authors of the Uncivilisation manifesto put it: Because virtual reality is, ultimately, no reality at all. National Anarchism cannot remain on a screen. Sure, it can develop there, but it needs to get out in the real world. I do my best to spread the National Anarchist message out there - not least just by talking to people - but in the new year my aim is to look into ways to evangelise more effectively. I also want to continue studying and increasing my understanding of other radical nationalist currents. I'm curious about this Fourth (4th) Political Theory...I'm not sure about it - it appears a bit imperialistic to me...but I intend to investigate further and would welcome my concerns reassured!

I think 2012 has been good for NA - we've seen a few setbacks, but the last twelve months have seen the 'digging in' of our standpoints and our leading lights have pointed the way to the ranges - as again the Uncivilisation chaps would put it! We've got a long, long way to go, but I've got a feeling National Anarchist ideas and the greater radical nationalist current will be right there in the mix in the coming years as part of the opposition, and alternative to, globalist hegemony. We must stick to our radical traditionalist morals (why should we 'move with the times'?! Where has it led us?!) whilst maintaining our revolutionary vision: to break away - separate. We need more propaganda and practical examples - through lifestyle changes that reflect our beliefs (and we need to encourage others of the political, economic and spiritual benefits of doing so) And we need to look to build socio-economic projects (and partake in already existing ones) where we can realise the beginnings of our goal.

A happy new year to readers of Berrocscir's Banner (I still wanna get into Pseuds Corner by the way!) To those who 'follow' the blog and link to it - THANK YOU! Greetings and a happy new year to all National Anarchists, radical nationalists, tribalists, the preppers and all anti-globalist partisans everywhere. And to the secessionists - I hope it's gonna be a good year for you! God bless.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Post state nations

After reading the recent comments by Baroness Warsi and Clarissa Dickson Wright, it left me with the impression that they were both hinting at the same thing - INTEGRATION. This is the cure-all solution that the political elites from the liberals to the Tory right have to cultural dividing lines in the UK. Blend in and enrich, that's what we're told. Of course over many centuries many European cultures have gradually added to the British cultural mix in an organic process. All cultures develop slowly with the march of time. A simple reason why British culture/s have absorbed other European cultures is because of their similarity to one another. But the situation we have seen since the 1950s is rapid cultural change by mass immigration in a relatively short space of time. Today this has kick started engineered and enforced cultural blending by diktat - from our political elites not from the people. And when the so called patriotic right start talking about blending of cultures, you know cultural Marxism has triumphed!

European and Islamic cultures are starkly different. Why should Britain's Islamic communities be expected to integrate and let their identity become diluted? Likewise the British? Haven't we had enough enriching and improving? We are having enough trouble with the Americanisation/globalisation of our respective cultures without having to worry about fitting in with our new neighbours.

Of course orthodox nationalism has lost the day - we cannot talk of the nation state in a practical sense. Many, many races, ethnicities and cultures are here in Britain to stay. But we can look to the National Anarchist case: local and regional autonomous communities linked in federation. Communities and networks that can do their own thing - without having to 'fit in'.

A labour of love

Planning Minister Nick Boles' comments that buildings can be more beautiful than nature certainly made me wince - and a couple of letters to The Daily Telegraph (my rag of choice) rightly added that sometimes nature is not pretty. Of course nature is often red in tooth and claw, hideous and cruel. But Mr Boles was referring to the British countryside. I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking our magnificent countryside is the best in the world (allow me some chauvinism!) and it is not really nature - it is nature in tandem with man. In this case it is that beautiful patchwork that makes up so much of our collective national consciousness. That green land and wild wood that generations of our people molded and lived off so that we are here today - that is real beauty.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Regionalist Round Up

The Wessex Regionalists are still busy blogging and the Regionalist Front of Dumnonia are getting active. Time for the East Anglians, Mercians et al to play catch up!

Time to stop pretending

I have long respected those who own up to their own personal delusions and decide to call time on their ideological comfort zones. I can remember elements of the UK Left-anarchist scene going through a time of reflection in the 1990s, along with some Marxist groups around the same time. Of course nothing particularly Earth shattering came of their change of tack. But they at least set me on a trajectory that I've been travelling on ever since.

In many respects National Anarchism is a post-nationalist ideology - I'm sure for instance, most 'European' NAs know that Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand are never again to be 'ethnic homelands'. As the pendulum of history swings: well so what and why should they? So we need to forget the idea of mono-ethnic nation states in favour of tribal communities or local/district/regional networks of like-minded tribes.

Over the years groups and individuals have, from time to time, faced up to their own long held self-denial: from the left, right and now it seems from the ecologists, environmentalists and Greens. The Dark Mountain Project was the brainchild of Paul Kingsnorth and others. Their 2009 manifesto, "Uncivilisation" , makes interesting 'post-Green' reading. The Dark Mountain Project is apolitical - instead they call for something much more interesting! They argue, forcefully, that the Green movement is not going to 'save the planet' and that modern civilisation is "passing into history". They present 'Uncivilisation' as a new new cultural, artistic and literary movement to reflect the end of an age which which we are witness to. If the Dark Mountain Project do not constitute a 'new tribe', I don't know what does! The lack of politics initially put me off - but then who needs politics if you believe this civilisation is nearing its end?

From a National Anarchist standpoint the ideas espoused by the Dark Mountaineers are worth exploring and learning from. We must accept there will be no national revolutions and be prepared with our own radical nationalist alternatives ready for when today's empire falls. We must prepare to ignore the mainstream in the coming years and decades - it will almost certainly ignore us!

The Dark Mountaineers will probably reject National Anarchist ideas. That's OK - but their ideas involve just the sort of post-ideological thinking that can appeal to the wider radical nationalist currents. We would benefit from listening to what the Dark Mountaineers are saying about the coming collapse and incorporate their prophecies into our own arguments and strategies.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

"And how do we keep our balance?"

Some wise words from Tevye there (portrayed by the brilliant Topol in Fiddler on the Roof) and the Rabbi's quip reminded me of the concept of National Personal Autonomy that I mentioned couple of weeks back (as did Tevye's reference to "...the others in our village...we don't bother them and, so far, they don't bother us.")

What are we without our traditions? Surely we lose a piece of our souls...

I've always loved this time of year. This morning on my way to work I kicked up the leaves like a young'un, and it helped me remember I was at home in England. This weekend the clocks here 'go back' - that's a strange 'modern' imposition that's become almost a tradition in itself in that that reminds us we're heading toward the Winter months. Culturally there's a lot coming up: Halloween continues to twist, turn and develop. When I was a lad Trick or Treat was just coming into vogue over here. I remember it, but never partook. Now Apple bobbing I did go for! The following week Guy Fawkes Night was always one of my favourites.

The 11th of next month of course is Remembrance Day. But important though it is, this national commemoration has eclipsed Martinmas which is a pity in my book (we've just had Michaelmas). According to my copy of  A Dictionary of English Folklore by Jacqueline Simpson and Steve Roud, goose traditionally consumed at Martinmas was used to predict the weather: If the breast bone had light marks things would be fine, but if they were dark it would be poor. The front of the breast bone was for the weeks before Christmas and the back predicted the post-Christmas days. I think that's lovely. For us tribalists who base our identity on common origins, it is vital we take out our nearly forgotten elements of folklore, give them a shake and put them on as good as new again.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Fun with flags

I smiled as I read the report in Monday's Western Daily Press that in his wisdom, Eric Pickles MP, UK Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, has seen fit to relax the flag flying laws. This means:
“The flag of any island, county, district, borough, burgh, parish, city, town or village within the United Kingdom; and the flag of the Black Country, East Anglia, Wessex, any Part of Lincolnshire, any Riding of Yorkshire or any historic county within the United Kingdom.” enshrined in the law of the land. A pity Northumbria and Mercia are not mentioned - not that'll stop ardent Northumbrians and Mercians!

I see this as a begrudging nod to the growing regionalist trend in England - we're HERE! Bloodied but unbowed. Let this be the start of the great decentralist revolution. Forward to a devolved England. Forward to a world of 100,000 flags!

Friday, 5 October 2012

A new breed

Yesterday I mentioned the term 'new tribes'. To me it's not a poetic term, more of a watchword for a new vanguard - a new elite of radical nationalists.

Taking a look around one might be forgiven to think that 'mainstream' nationalism is on the rise. But personally I saw enough false dawns when I was on the Left. What I'm hoping for is nothing new, nationalists of different hues have been saying it for twenty years plus: we cannot reclaim our territories from the globalisers - nor the majority of our 'own'. The nationalist political parties are stunted, but at the same time there can be no 'national revolutions' in the strictest sense. There may be a growing presence of 'street' nationalists - even in England (look on Facebook!) but they shouldn't kid themselves that they can set the political agenda let alone reclaim the state. They are up against two insurmountable obstacles: the global elites and the indifference of the majority of their people. Many, it is true, have a fairly strong sense of local or regional pride. Most folk have a rudimentary sense of ethnic tribalism. And of those who do not - some may recognise that human beings tend to have a strong sense of 'tribalism' around common beliefs or interests which people group around regardless of socio-economic or ethnic background. That said, many lack the convictions of National Anarchists and other radical nationalists. We radicals are not 'better' than them, we're just different - in our hearts and minds. Therefore we need to face facts and agitate for and build alternatives. We need political, economic, social, cultural and territorial secession - whatever our core beliefs.

Like the Pilgrim Fathers National Anarchists must become national pioneers and flee from the metropolitan empires. Salvaging what we can of our heritage and what our forefathers left us. Once we begin, maybe our example will attract others.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Borders of the mind

There's been talk in UK nationalist circles recently on the merits of beginning a strategy of stamping nationalist marks in communities where nationalists are strong on the ground. Nurturing and  building up a sense of national identity through flag flying, murals etc - a la Northern Ireland. I do not object per se to this, nothing wrong with reminding folk of their heritage. However I do tend to believe that our cities and larger towns have become cosmopolitan to the point of no return. Overt public symbolism would have greater resonance in smaller market towns and villages. As a National Anarchist I have no real interest in British/English nationalism in and of itself. But I can support nationalists who want to identify their communities as 'our patch'. It's what vanguards do. If a city declared itself an anarcho-syndicalist commune or free multicultural soviet I'd applaud that! That's what my politics are all about - let communities decide who and what they are. I would also support public displays of tribalism in say Pakistani communities in larger British cities - National Anarchists recognise there is no possibility of 'Britain for the British'. We advocate a new Britain of devolved territories. Of course the trouble with the 'our patch' strategy is the danger of creating a siege mentality and its possible negative consequences.

However some British cities are so ethnically mixed (and their populations appear for the most part to be happy with this) that the 'national enclave' idea would appear unworkable. One option for radical nationalists who, unlike myself, don't have an urbanophobia, is to promote the idea of National Personal Autonomy among nationalists and sypathisers who live in urban areas. I stumbled across this idea in the Manifesto of the US/Canada based group New Resistance. I'll let them explain:
We realize, however, that voluntary self-segregation into ethnic enclaves is not always possible or desirable in certain areas of North America, especially for those of mixed-race background as well as those living in long-established cosmopolitan cities like New York. And NEW RESISTANCE rejects any attempt- by any party- at “ethnic cleansing”. In such highly mixed areas, NEW RESISTANCE advocates a form of non-territorial nationhood referred to as National Personal Autonomy.

The Russian-Jewish socialist Vladimir Medem succinctly defined NPA this way:
“Let us consider the case of a country composed of several national groups, e.g. Poles, Lithuanians and Jews. Each national group would create a separate movement. All citizens belonging to a given national group would join a special organisation that would hold cultural assemblies in each region and a general cultural assembly for the whole country. The assemblies would be given financial powers of their own: either each national group would be entitled to raise taxes on its members, or the state would allocate a proportion of its overall budget to each of them. Every citizen of the state would belong to one of the national groups, but the question of which national movement to join would be a matter of personal choice and no authority would have any control over his decision. The national movements would be subject to the general legislation of the state, but in their own areas of responsibility they would be autonomous and none of them would have the right to interfere in the affairs of the others”.

[Social democracy and the national question, 1904]
I welcome all attempts at greater tribal autonomy anywhere, but prefer the building of rural communities and/or local/regional networks of tribalists on an economic and social level. Can radical nationalists foresee a time when we become pioneering 'new tribes' - refugees from modernity and cosmopolitanism, with stories to tell our children of when our great nations passed into history and that we were the survivors?


I was going to write a short piece on how, over time, I have become slightly agitated with the term 'National Anarchism'. I am also still uneasy with the word 'Anarchism'. As a former left-anarchist, I remember at times being embarrassed by the label, due to the cliches attached to it, the dismissive smirks I used to get from some and the blank looks from others. The term 'Tribal Anarchism' has been used by some in preference to avoid the possible misinterpretation of equating NA with the nation state - which would of course be nonsense. Our nationalism is based on human bonds which predate the rise of capitalism - when modern nationalism was born. So maybe 'Tribal' is a better option. We reject nation states and those who run them, and instead identify with whom we perceive as our own. Maybe we are radical nationalists who do not fit in with post-enlightenment ideas - and who acknowledge the human urge toward an allegiance to kinship, not the state, mass societies or ruling elite.

But last week I stumbled across a Wikipedia article on the Akie people of Tanzania. It contained the following:
"Tribe" is a derogatory term per se, derived from the imperialist Romans and used by the imperialist British until today. All Africans refuse the term tribe today. The ethnicities misrepresented by the term "tribe" are either nations in the best sense of the definition or clans of their nation.
So maybe National IS the more appropriate! As for the Anarchism bit, well I'll have to turn a blind eye. The National Anarchist 'brand' is pretty much established now anyway! Of course what really matter are not labels, but ideas and action.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Farc off

During the English Civil War local groups of vigilantes known as Clubmen assembled to protect their kinfolk, farms and villages from the excesses of Royalists and Parliamentarians alike. Being a decentralist and localist I have great sympathy with them. They had every right to stand up against their supposed 'betters' in the warring factions 'above' them. I was reminded of the Clubmen back in July when I read that the Paez people of Colombia stood up to both the Colombian army and the FARC Marxist guerrillas in their tribal regions. They bravely told both sides to take their quarrel elsewhere and as a National Anarchist I totally support them.

Some radical nationalists may defend the FARC -  arguing that they are anti-imperialist and anti-globalist. Longstanding accusations against the FARC aside, I am all for the breaking down of ideological dividing lines and dogma in the fight against neoliberalism, but if the FARC's universalist, macro-ideology (Marxism) runs roughshod over the interests of sovereign nations like the Paez and others, then I'll always side with the little guys against the big.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

God save OUR mad parade

"And even the distinction between rich and poor dwindles somewhat when one regards the nation from the outside. There is no question about the inequality of wealth in England. It is grosser than in any European country, and you have only to look down the nearest street to see it. Economically, England is certainly two nations, if not three or four. But at the same time the vast majority of the people feel themselves to be a single nation and are conscious of resembling one another more than they resemble foreigners. Patriotism is usually stronger than class-hatred, and always stronger than any kind of internationalism. Except for a brief moment in 1920 (the ‘Hands off Russia’ movement) the British working class have never thought or acted internationally. For two and a half years they watched their comrades in Spain slowly strangled, and never aided them by even a single strike. But when their own country (the country of Lord Nuffield and Mr Montague Norman) was in danger, their attitude was very different. At the moment when it seemed likely that England might be invaded, Anthony Eden appealed over the radio for Local Defence Volunteers. He got a quarter of a million men in the first twenty-four hours, and another million in the subsequent month. One has only to compare these figures with, for instance, the number of conscientious objectors to see how vast is the strength of traditional loyalties compared with new ones."

George Orwell, England Your England (From The Lion and the Unicorn: Socialism and the English Genius)

Well, sorry for the delay in writing a post on the back of the Jubilee bandwagon! I'm not really a monarchist. Apart from anything else I think it is cruel on individuals to have their whole lives mapped out for them through mere accident of birth. To have no choice but to carry out regnal duty and not being able to pursue a person's own innate talents, or preferred path in life is a shameful waste. However the legacy of the monarchy from a tribal perspective provides a focal point for nationhood. The royal line gives us a link (however tenuous!) to our collective past - a living embodiment of our heritage and history. Until some national upheaval that most probably we radical nationalists will ourselves have to create, I see little sense in disestablishing the House of Windsor. Monarchies create myths and myths nurture tribalism.

Of course, neutered constitutional monarchies have none of the kudos of our great Kings and Queens of the early medieval to early modern periods, the perceived warrior leaders from the pages of Our Island Story . These monarchies began as emergent social elites that evolved through that most natural of tribal phenomena - nepotism. There is nothing inherently wrong with nepotism - it is the socio-genetic means of ensuring folk lineage. Radical nationalists must accept nepotism as a natural urge. But we must nurture a moral nepotism through the checks and balances of the small folk communities we envisage. Nepotism must remain on a small sphere - the small trader, the small farm -bedrocks of the small community. Nepotism should be encouraged on a community level. Community owned resources passing on to the next generation of that community. In this way small communities strengthen, become more resilient and autonomous. As a National Anarchist I also advocate a sort of stateless corporatism where elites within communities emerge through their own merit - we need the best people for each job.

Marxists are pretty good at interpreting history. Within any nation's history there are internal conflicts and antagonisms which lead to changes. But they see things only in the material sense and the material alone does not humanity make. To radical nationalists today, the great revolts of the past intertwine with the great establishments into one national myth. Both high and low, our ancestors speak to us with one voice to create our identities today. In England we had two very English revolts in 1381 and 1536 - their gripe was not with the King but with officialdom (of course there is the exception to the rule - 1649 anyone? However this was one new elite challenging another and after Ollie we got his son, Dick - a royal line in all but name?) Our tribal instincts outweigh class conflict time and time again. Our historic rebels are interpreted as national heroes, not class warriors. The Sex Pistols are now national icons alongside Elizabeth!

The global macro-capitalist system is rotten to the core, I know. But should the workers of the 'developed' world really be asking for more? Hmmm....I don't know. We need to cut consumerism and lead simpler lives - rely more on the spiritual and less on the material. Generally speaking the people of the first world have comparatively enough creature comforts. Have genuine class grievances of the past been eclipsed by ideologically driven Left-led skirmishes which, when you take a step back, have no real moral basis? Radical nationalists need to encourage the fostering of the real struggle of the age: the national struggle against the global elite. National Anarchists of course say the best way of going about this is to secede from mass society, by forming our own counter-cultures, economies and communities. It's our ball and we're not playing!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bringing on back the good times

I try to drink in moderation and these days I'm pretty choosy about where I do it. Not for me Wetherspoons, 'Sports bars' etc. I try to go for CAMRA approved free houses - that are big on local brews and where TVs are frowned upon...but also where a sing-song and a fiddle or two are welcomed.

A while ago I posted regarding the Sun Inn in Herefordshire, England - A traditional 'parlour pub', one of only a handful left, although thousands were to be found in the Victorian era. Cultural revival is a very good thing - a tribalist recovery kit. Aspects of our heritage, almost extinguished by global monoculture (or simply through the passage of time and social neglect) deserve enthusiastic and caring souls to blow on the embers and breathe new life into them. Cultural revivalists deserve a medal for repairing our connections with our collective tribal pasts...restoring and renovating our heritage and historical identity. This, to degree, happened with morris dancing and folk music in England. Well now it looks like it just might happen with the parlour pub: A Mr. Bryan Jones in Leominster, earlier this year intended to open an authentic parlour pub there. By all accounts it sounds like it's going to be a cracker! A place where nobody stares at a screen or has to shout over MTV to be heard...a place for community, and most importantly, one placed in tribal roots.

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Sons (and daughters) of Oswald arise

Back in this post from last December, I expressed my hope for a more visible regionalist movement in Britain, Northumbria included. While browsing the Electoral Commission's website this week, I was pleased to see the Northumbria Party as fully registered. Now I can see my dislike of social networking sites is sometimes unfounded, as the Party has a lively Facebook page. Ol' Berrocscir is over the moon to see they plan to field candidates in forthcoming elections. They stop short of a call for independence, but strong regionalist movements are a welcome addition in the anti-globalist resistance! Looking around, there are a number of blogs championing the land of King Oswald, so lets hope Northumbrian consciousness continues to grow as a consequence.

...and Penda

I also note the Mercian Party has re-registered. By their own admission, things have been tough for them of late, but just the act of re-registering shows their commitment to the regionalist cause. I wish them better fortune in future.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Tribal autonomy is solution in Azawad

No pun intended, but the shotgun wedding of the MNLA and Ansar Dine seems to be off again. It is interesting to note that the two factions reportedly consist of different Tuareg clans - so, not to sound frivolous, it's a bit like the Geordies and Scousers falling out with the Brummies and Wessex boys in England. Clearly those of us who recognise the right of all peoples to self-determination all want to see the establishment of a new sovereign state in Azawad. But there needs to be talks - a federal solution based on a decentralised tribal-political order. And not just for the majority Tuaregs and their sub-groups, but for all the minority groups. National Anarchists want to see maximum tribal autonomy, and maybe, just maybe, we will start seeing this process in Azawad. We should continue to watch closely.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Curiouser and curiouser

 I'm all for pragmatism in reaching political goals, especially if bloodshed can be avoided. But the news over the weekend that the MNLA and Ansar Dine had joined forces raised an eyebrow on your Editor.

Reports suggest that the 'merger' between the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad and the Islamist Ansar Dine has hit a rocky patch. Time will tell. The National Anarchist goal is a homeland and autonomy for all ethnic groups in Azawad, not just for the majority Tuaregs. But it should be recognised that history rarely moves as fast as we would like, and at least Ansar Dine seem edging toward the secessionist position. It's the religious imperialism they espouse which could jeopardise the birth of a new Tuareg state.

No excuse needed for a knees-up!

When listening to Radio 4's You and Yours the other week, I chanced upon ol' Billy Bragg discussing the old chestnut of what should be England's national anthem. England doesn't have one, but the United Kingdom does. I disagree with Billy's nascent civic-nationalism, but he did suggest (flippantly?!) that Ian Drury's England's Glory (which I discovered was covered by Max Wall!) should get the accolade while a listener suggested Kate Bush's Oh England My Lionheart. Now among others, I've long admired these two artistes, but I've never heard these two particular dittys before. So I thought I'd reproduce them here in association with a well-known video sharing site. Maybe I should have posted them for St. George's Day or even St. Edmund's Day, but I can celebrate my homeland every day, eh!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Economic patriotism

Alright, not quite the soundtrack we'd want, but still! Thanks Sir Bruce!

The farmers market scene continues to grow. I have used one three miles away and now there's one just a mile down the road - how's that for progress?! Better still are the Farm shops - produce direct from the producer. As National Anarchists we need to support these trends. Not only because they are localist and/or regionalist, but because most of the folk involved are small producers and their way of working falls in with the distributist, agorist systems which can form the basis of nationalist or tribalist economics. This encourages tribal cohesion through economic self-reliance, which in turn can result in stronger communities. A strong, locally controlled economy equals a strong community. National Anarchism can encompass other growing initiatives like the Transition Towns movement and successful local currencies like those in Stroud, Totnes and Lewes. Radical nationalists and tribalists should aim toward Economic Autonomous Zones, as well as national ones - no-go areas for Tescos, Walmart et al!

Okay - I do pop into the Co-op, but I still buy the brand of bread that claims it only uses "100% British wheat"! C'mon - gimme a break!

It was nice to catch the green anarchist flags, prominent as they were on the RT News reports of the Montreal protests. Most, if not all, green anarchists will not share NA tribalist politics, but NAs have much to learn from green anarchist analysis and philosophy. Radical nationalists share much in common with the GA case and we should support and champion their intiatives, propaganda and action. Nationalist communities can only thrive when they are close to, and at harmony with - nature.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

These little worlds

It's only recently that I've been aware of just how widespread and well established the intentional community on a global level has become. The sites here and here provide an overview, although this by no means provides an exhaustive list of autonomous projects. Campaigns like The Land is Ours are also long established and fruitful.

Most of these communities have some unifying ideological basis on which they are run: religious, spiritual, ecological, political, economic or all of these. This is all compatible with National Anarchism - in fact it is its very essence! We don't need to wait for the revolution. In fact it is here and now. In any case, the people of the world just won't accept one homogeneous way of life and belief system, be it Leftist, nationalist, liberal or far out. So let people of like mind get together and be left alone. Some intentional communities profess no particular ideological line, but nevertheless they still display some level of dissatisfaction with mass society, otherwise why would they bother?

These communities, some of which have been functioning for decades, are the real vanguards of the anti-globalist movement, leading by practical example. For thousands of years humanity's preferred mode of living was the small settlement, where faces were familiar. It must have something going for it. So today, for those of us alienated by modernity and the hegemony of neo-liberalism, it is to these little worlds we should turn our gaze as something towards a remedy.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

On reality and the problems we face

The post on here from the 5th April now looks far too optimistic.

With the newly formed FNLA confusing matters further, the situation in Azawad now appears grim:

Many northern Tuaregs are adamant that they do not support the MNLA (Mouvement National pour la liberation de l'Azawad, or National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad), which claim to have military control of Gao and Kidal. "I absolutely do not agree with the MNLA," a farmer only known as Ajawa told IRIN from Abala refugee camp in Niger.
"They say they fight for all the Tuareg people, but many Tuareg people do not support them," he said. "We all just want to be left in peace. Already Mali is relying on aid from the US, UK and Europe. The conflict is just making more divisions - how can we survive as two countries if we can barely survive as one?"

Who of us can disagree with Ajawa? All of us, everywhere, want to live in peace. All National Anarchists support national liberation and secession movements, but how can we reconcile this principal with the great suffering that all too often occurs when the vanguards of a people begin to move? As supporters of the right of ethnic groups to self-determination, National Anarchists and our allies cannot brush aside the current suffering in Azawad with the stock-in-trade "These things unfortunately happen in war" quip. Call me an old peacenik, but national liberation groups need to put the security and well-being of their people at the top of the list. To gain the support of those they speak for, they should formulate socio-political programmes to gain the trust of the masses and ultimately become indivisible from them: a people's movement in every sense of the word. Yes, constitutional paths should also be considered if conditions allow. They may prove to lead into cul-de-sacs, but if the alternative is carnage?

In South Sudan too, the quest for black gold and other resources is causing misery to it's people. Oil is a resource that one day we will no longer see the 'benefit' of. Is it time for secessionist movements to get with the programme of technological regression?!

As secessionists and decentralists we National Anarchists must never brush aside the possible human consequences of what we are advocating. National Anarchists desire a peaceful world of tribal co-existence, but we must not kid ourselves that this will come about via some glorious co-ordinated National-Anarchist revolution. We must therefore support all movements which set things on the path toward our vision. National liberation can be part of this process, but how can we do this without becoming cheerleaders for misery and despair? Unfortunately, I for one, cannot see any easy answers.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

MNLA claim victory

Today's news that the MNLA have called a ceasefire and declared Azawad free and independent is to be welcomed by National Anarchists and all decentralists.

The MNLA appears secular and it's statements reasoned. Certainly tribalists and nationalists should hope talks with Bamako result in an independent state in Azawad as soon as possible. National Anarchists should call for the non-intervention of those not directly involved: ECOWAS as an internationalist and globalist organisation should stay away and the deployment of troops should be avoided unless civilians will suffer otherwise. Of course all humanitarian and aid organisations should have full access immediately. The displaced need to return home at the earliest opportunity.

It is easy for me, sat here in my cosy corner of Wessex, to add that the MNLA also need to deal with Ansar Dine. The MNLA are numerically larger and better armed. Can this be done without blood shed? We must hope so. National Anarchists should support national liberation struggles like those of the MNLA, but we should oppose the Islamo-fascism of Ansar Dine. Of course, we National Anarchists are not anti-religion. We recognise religion and spirituality as major factors in the make up of human identity and existence. But we are against this type of religious imperialism.

The MNLA appear to be the good guys. Their public relations seem as conciliatory as a national liberation army can be and they have shown their humanitarian nature. Almost exclusively Tuareg, the MNLA will want to start building a Tuareg nation in the Azawad. However, any new Tuareg dominated administration MUST recognise the rights of the other ethnic groups within Azawad such as the Songhai and Peul. These people must have the right to self-determination: within semi-autonomous regions, within Mali or indeed as separate political entities. We must must not witness the balkanisation of Azawad, and at present, that responsibility lies with the MNLA.

Obviously National Anarchists have no intrinsic interest in the formation of states as political structures, but we must encourage separatist and secession movements - all moving in a decentralist direction. We must welcome the creation of a new ethno-state in Azawad as a step toward a world of maximum devolution amd maximum autonomy. National Anarchists must not begin acting like the Ultra-Left - those refusing to engage with and act within the real world, preferring only to preach from the sidelines from their own particular Gospel. In order to be relevant, National Anarchists need to formulate opinions on events that happen around us and be ready with a distinct National Anarchist analysis, with tribal solutions to the world's problems. When history moves and nations stand up, National Anarchists need to get behind them - recognising gradualism as well as revolution.


Libya is looking increasingly unstable. fracturing along tribal lines. National Anarchists should call for tribal autonomy now and demand the bloodshed stop in Benghazi when the secessionist voice is heard . In Kufra and Sabha autonomy for the southern tribes should prevail. Forward to a Free Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezzan. We must also see autonomy for the Berbers in the west  - the Amazigh flag must also fly.

Secession - European style

South Tyrol pushes for greater autonomy.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Tribal scars

I've scratched old England on the back and her's gived us wealth untold
                                                                - Mont Abbot

So - I freely admit I'm not going to win any photojournalism awards, but I snapped the picture above and managed to get it on here, which believe me, is some achievement...

England's green and pleasant land - no doubt. But this little bit of it has some scar tissue.

Back in February I travelled up to North Leigh in West Oxfordshire - or Nor Lye as the natives say. A mile over several stiles  - and there she was: Grim's Ditch! ...albeit the least impressive end of her. If you look at the smaller tree on the centre right of the photo, can you see a faint diagonal line extending slightly upward toward the middle left to the branches of the larger tree? That's her. Grim was one of the names the Anglo-Saxon's called Woden, but the Ditch herself dates from the Iron Age. She may have demarcated the border between the Ancient British/Brythonic tribes of the Dobunni and the Catuvellauni. In fact this part of the world remained border country in Saxon times, forming the frontier between Wessex and Mercia.

Look on any good map of England and you will see these tribal scars - some real war wounds like Wansdyke - others, like Grim's Ditch, more of a scratch. Either way they are ripples that echo down the ages from our ancestors. From great hillforts to burgh defences and to medieval ploughing ridges still clearly seen undulating over our green fields - they can remind us of who we are and where we came from.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Build our worlds and leave them theirs

For a good while yours truly believed that the age of the mass movement had long passed. But perhaps, since the financial crisis, we may be witnessing the birth of a new one. The Occupy movement has the potential to develop into a genuinely widespread, deep-rooted political movement with influence - placing it in the mainstream, away from the fringes. And although Marxists and left anarchists would like to think they do - they don't control it. Six months on from its birth there is still debate within Occupy about just what the alternative is - and this is where radical nationalists can (if the dogmatists of the Left won't kick up a stink about it!) contribute. Of course, Occupy is not going to overthrow the system or anything like it. But it is a base that could possibly develop a new politics, beyond Left and Right. It would be easy for radical nationalists to dismiss Occupy as 'communist' but this would merely be displaying the same dogma as the Anarcho-Marxist-liberals. We tribalists have much to learn from Occupy. There are plenty of radical ideas floating around within it that we could easily adapt to our national/tribal values - especially from the alternative counter-economics and lifestyles Occupy espouses. Nationalists shouldn't try to win control of Occupy for our owns ends - apart from anything else, we just couldn't, and besides to do so would mean we become cultural imperialists like the globalisers and the orthodox Left! We should however aim to engage, contribute and promote.

It will be objected that Occupy merely regurgitate the standard 'no-borders' Leftist mantra, but this only offers us an opportunity of putting forward the nationalist case: that our tribalist cause is the antithesis of, and antidote to, globalism. We can argue that current immigration levels are the result of a global economy - so in holding a 'no-borders' policy the movers and shakers of Occupy are encouraging one of the very things the globalisers need to maintain their international markets. They are in effect supporting the system. The real way to support and show solidarity with immigrants is to help stop them becoming so in the first place - by calling for autarky: strong, protectionist, localised economies in their own lands. This is the real solution to globalisation and it is a nationalist/tribal one.

Besides, new layers of people, particularly younger ones, are becoming radicalised through Occupy and our radical nationalist message should be right there in the mix.

The autonomous nationalist scenes across Europe, including the newly formed ACN/AKN network and the more established Italian scene, are doing great things in promoting radical nationalism at street level. They are also creating alternative social and cultural networks offering the choice of living life beyond the clutches of the New World Order. AutoNats and National Anarchists cannot confront the system, but we can attempt to bypass it using socio-cultural networks and our own counter-economics based on our tribalist principals. Mass society implies an 'all-inclusive' society and cannot be saved from multi-culturalism, neo-liberal economics and liberal social values, so there is no point in waging national liberation and/or class struggle in the traditional sense. By creating our own alternatives - social-cultural-economic secession  - we redefine national revolution for the 21st century. Class struggle is no longer an option - it has been rendered obsolete by the triumph of globalism. And our own parallel alternative societies will be small enough to facilitate a social harmony because we will all share the same values and goals. Even if our alternatives develop social strata of their own it will not develop into a separate class consciousness or identity (a concept which is doubtful at best, at any rate - Homo Economicus exists only in the minds of Lefties if you ask me. Heritage and culture are the basis of identity. I think identity based on class is a fancy) because our world will be in the thousands not billions. Of course the vision laid out here is one of parallel existence with mass pluralist capitalist society running alongside it, under the radar as far as possible, but it can also encompass the PLE ideal.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Nothing's sacred

Earlier this week some honest Bookmakers saw fit to use the Uffington White Horse as an advertising prop in order to make a few quid. Big business had also used the Cerne Giant in the same way a few years ago.

Now I like a laugh as much as anybody and applaud creativity, but this is a step too far. This is a perversion of a national symbol. The bronze age hill figure has become a totem, a badge of identity on an ethno-national and certainly regional level. The horse is a living embodiment of our national, cultural and tribal heritage and I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels insulted by this act. The bookies are saying they didn't harm the monument and apparently are offering the National Trust (the Horse's custodians) a few quid presumably as a good will gesture. This isn't the point and the NT shouldn't take their money. You just don't deface a national icon for material gain.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Neither Pristina nor Belgrade!

Greetings in solidarity to the Serbian people of North Kosovo who today we learn have overwhelmingly rejected to recognise the rule of the Kosovan Albanian government. Heroes all! A people aware of their identity and willing to stand up to the Republic of Kosovo, NATO, the EU and importantly the Serbian government who have been straining at the leash to join that monstrosity.

If the cap fits...

A couple of weeks back I joined a work colleague from the maintenance dept. for lunch (blue and white collars unite!) over in his office (both of us being staunch 'sarnies' men) Imagine my delight when I noticed a small card depicting the White Dragon flag of the English pinned to the notice board. As you will guess our hour of freedom from global capitalism passed all too quickly, deep in discussion as we were around history, culture and ethno-identity.

Now we must remember that the White Dragon, claimed by some - but vehemently denied by others, to have been an anglo-saxon banner or flag of the early English is not without its controversies. However, flaws in historical authenticity aside, this particular totem is gaining popularity among patriots. I've seen this particular beast flying most recently in a front garden in Wiltshire and even (a while back) fluttering from a narrowboat. People seem to like him in greater numbers regardless of his origins in fragments of myth and passing comment from scribes of old. Come on countrymen and women - let's adopt him!

Thursday, 26 January 2012


Did the Libyan NTC read ol' Berrocscir's post yesterday and take heed?! So perhaps Bani Walid becoming a city state (which, incidentally, is what the English Radical Alliance propose for Liverpool ) is not so much wishful thinking. The Malian government meanwhile, despite continued fighting, seem willing to negotiate with the Tuareg National Movement for the Liberation of the Azawad - ceasefire permitting. Over in Myanmar (Burma) a peace deal between the regime the Karen National Union will hopefully see gains for the Karen cause.

Will 2012 be a year of gains for national liberation? This is what we must have if we are to break the globalist grip. States must wither, but they cannot through proletarian revolution. Only through a process of decentralisation may we march toward something resembling the National Anarchist way.

This extract from the Wessex Regionalists blog yesterday illustrates one English Road to Tribalism:

Nationalism means an England no less badly governed than it already is as part of the UK. London would remain dominant, regional differences would continue to go unacknowledged. Those differences matter at a profound cultural level, though the case for regionalism would be no less real even if they did not exist. Firstly, it is simply inefficient to refer decisions to London when they could be made much closer to home. Secondly, decisions made in London ‘in the overall public interest’ are not effectively informed by the perspective of those who live elsewhere and so in practice always reinforce London’s dominance. And thirdly, as we move into the post-oil age, the argument for smaller political units built around clusters of regional-scale infrastructure will be at least as compelling as ancient cultural loyalties.
Those loyalties are not about to disappear. There’ll always be an England, but it will have a different meaning and role once it has to share the limelight with Wessex, Mercia and the like. It will have to, because the sane, humane, ecological England we need is one that respects and values its regions even more than itself – just as regions in turn need to treasure their counties, cities, boroughs and so on. It’s the only England worth having, the only England that deserves to emerge triumphant from the forthcoming cultural and political struggle. In truth, it’s not about England, and never has been. It’s about whose England. And who gets to choose between the paths.
The staff here at Berrocscir Towers hope these honourable regionalists use the term 'Nationalism' in the civic sense and in terms of a political nation-state - not in the ethnic sense. They can think what they like about who is English, no skin off our nose, but as to their ideas on cultural and political regional devolution - your Editor couldn't have put it better.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

The fog of war

What is happening in Libya? Reports that Pro-Gaddafi fighters have taken control of Bani Walid and that some Gaddafite 'Green Resistance' continues in Gharyan, Assabia, Sabha and even Tripoli and Bengazi seem unfounded - no official confirmation is forthcoming.

Unlike some radical nationalist voices, Berrocscir's Banner has no love for Gaddafi the man, brute, tyrant. But his Green Book and Third Universal Theory have their merits: anti-globalist, decentralist, with aspects of corporatism and distributism - all encompassed within a radical arab-nationalist framework. If there are truly forces in Libya still loyal to the ideals of the Jamahiriya, then they should form a political party/movement to take their ideas to the masses. Of course the NTC may well pass laws a la denazification...

But what DOES seem apparent is that the NTC is facing growing opposition from the militias along tribal lines. The trouble in Bani Walid seems to centre of the local Warfalla tribe. What's the NTC's problem? What's wrong with letting Bani Walid runs it's own affairs as a city state, guided by the Warfalla -  at least until free and fair elections.

The Berbers too, are not happy. What we need to see is the NTC to continue tentative talks with all the tribes including the Tuaregs and move toward a loose Libyan federation along tribal lines. Or is that not in the puppet master's interests?

Raise a glass to the Ploughman's Poet
Couldn't let this dispatch go without sending greeting to all Scots and those of Scottish descent on this Burn's Night - Have a good one!

The links section on here has just had some additions. Go and have a look won't you.

Friday, 20 January 2012

All the tribes must flower

As Libya threatens to fall to warlordism, the Tuareg - a nomadic Berber people in North Africa - under the flag of the newly formed National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad , have been fighting and falling for that most logical (and spiritual) of human dignities: self-determination and autonomy along tribal lines. Their demand? Independence from and autonomy in northern Mali. It is a duty for National Anarchists to highlight and support their struggle - as indeed we should encourage all national liberation movements. A free Tuareg federation across the north of Africa fits within the National Anarchist worldview. The Left Anarchists dogmatically reject national liberation, placing - as they do - class above blood. Leave them in their corners. Social class can play a pivotal role within social movements and National Anarchists should always side with the toilers of all humanity against the robber barons of globalism. But history shows the tribal instinct is far greater that soulless textbook logic. The Marxoid obsession in trying homogenise humanity into worker-citizens of the world is understandably alienating.The answer is not to fight the tribal urge but to go with it! Vive le difference!

Mali, as with all states, should crumble - not from internationalist revolution but from national liberation. We move further toward a National Anarchist society by by ethno-secession - on the cards in Mali and Libya and, hey even the UK and US given time! National Anarchists should encourage the drive to national liberation - but we are human! Spread our message so that it appeals to reason - not a drop of blood need ever be spilt!