Sunday, 30 October 2011

Eyes in the storm

Tomorrow there will be seven billion of us on Earth. Most predictions are saying this is nothing compared to what is in store in the next fifty years. Certainly over the last century we have witnessed a stark acceleration due to the 'benefits' of the modern age. All nationalists should concern themselves with the population bomb. The technological, global system which has exacerbated this stands in stark contrast to our vision of  national agrarian simplicity. Okay, I am sat here communicating to the world due to the global system, but John Zerzan said something along the lines of They attack the means by which we spread the message, but not the message itself - something like that...

One school of thought is that population will continue to rise sharply in the 'developing' world, while it will level out or decline in 'developed' countries. Even so, the 70 million predicted for the UK by 2027 is scary when we consider that even IF the developing world climbs out of its insecurities and manages to develop economies similar to the west like in China and India, levels seeking to emigrate to Europe and North America will continue to rise - The core attracts the periphery. More concrete, less green, less indigenous identity.

Berrocscir's Banner remains sceptical that social change along radical nationalist lines will ever sweep the globe (oh to be proved wrong). So in the absence of national revolution, one get out clause for radical nationalists is giving serious consideration to the practicalities and possibilities of securing land and living as independently as we can off of it, in cooperation with others of like mind in networks. Some place where we can educate our children and mind our own business. The Amish manage it, so who says radical nationalists cannot? We need the Pioneer Little Europe, Asia and Africa as eyes in the storm of the New World Order. In a post national revolutionary scenario there will be banditry and external aggression which will need to be resisted, but if we are to begin building national (or any other) intentional communities in the next few decades we need to duck under the radar and winch up the bridge.

Lighten up, comrades
Like anyone, your editor likes a good laugh as anyone who knows me will tell you. Now as a National Anarchist I take my politics very seriously, but its important not to lose our sense of humour about our beliefs. I remember a far Left paper, when complaining about the lack of mirth in revolutionary politics, used to rightly say "we must be able to take the p*** out of ourselves." National Anarchists should be no different. Hey -  maybe we can use this old video of that 80s classic Safety Dance by Men Without Hats in our propaganda? Dig those medieval vibes, man. Watching it back, it pretty much sums up my vision of the National Anarchist utopia. Enjoy!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Fake nationalists

So 111 admirable MPs last night backed the view that the British peoples have the right to a say on the future of their sovereignty and identity and rightly voted for the the motion calling for a referendum on the UK's position in the European Union. Interesting that there were no MPs from the Scottish National Party or Plaid Cymru on that list. Out of the UK but not out of Europe? Where's the logic there? It's like the galley slave getting rid of the drummer but keeping his master.

Anyway, who knows - maybe in a hundred years after we eventually do get out - maybe some enlightened parliament will pass the Intentional Communities Act and we can have our tribal villages!

Well, it's been a while since anything strident was posted here...The Green Liberal Party of Switzerland, a centre-ground Green party and refreshing alternative to the dominant liberal-Left Global Greens, now has 12 seats since Sunday's Swiss Federal elections - up from 3 in 2007. Green ideas should not be the preserve of the Left.

The regionalist and isolationist Ticino League doubled their seats to 2, with their 19,000 votes a hike of nearly 6,000 on last time around. Also the regionalist Geneva Citizen's Movement picked up their first seat in the Federal Assembly.

Carry On Camping!
This blog supports the wave of 'Occupy' protests around the world. Yes, the global system is not going to collapse by pitching up a tent (although if you've been watching the Russia Today coverage you will be forgiven for thinking it is about to) but the actions will no doubt inspire a whole new generation of anti-global activists - some of whom - sooner or later may evolve into seasoned radical nationalists and tomorrow's National Anarchist pioneers...possibly... At the very least it might make more people start asking questions. Long live the anti-globalist movement!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Nostalgia is our weapon

The French sociologist Michel Maffesoli has presented us with the notion that modern man (having evolved as a tribal animal) increasing reverts to type. In modern industrial society he asserts a tribal identity of his choosing. We see this all the time: cultural,social, racial, local - village, town, shire and regional identities through to the myriad of sub-cultural 'neo-tribes'. Those with a tribal identity, however it is manifested, are certain out there among all the cosmopolitan Citizens of the World. A good thing too when considering mass society has no organic roots and no 'badge'.

Marxists and others have attempted to graft a class identity onto the masses but, apart from the odd flair-up of class friction, any allegiance to an economic identity is transient. The founding principle of National Anarchism - Tribalism - certainly has wide and deep appeal. Maffesoli is right to point out that in modern mass society nostalgia is a powerful force. Nostalgia then, should play a major role in National Anarchist propaganda - to paraphrase Trotsky, "Nostalgia is a weapon in the hands of the National Anarchists!"

Berrocscir's Banner tries to steer a non-sectarian course and accepts the limitations of what can and cannot be achieved by radical nationalists at present. However we all need at times to tum to our ideals: In working toward our imagined autonomous communities, National Anarchists should consider attempting to implement a consensus within the radical nationalist scene of aiming for the simple life - autonomous communities won't really be so if they rely on mass technological society for all their spare parts. Of course, neighbouring tribal communities or networks can work in solidarity alongside one another in terms of trade, barter, skills sharing and aid, even if their internal affairs differ. The rule of thumb is to keep reliance on the global system to a minimum. Simple living may be tough, but it points to a life of great social solidarity, meaning, worthiness, contentment and honour.

National Anarchists are aware that all human societies involve conflict of varying degrees and we must concede that our vision of the future will be no different. But despite the possibility of barbarity and warlordism in our post-modern Brave Old World, National Anarchist communities will not have the conquering drive which has led to the present globalist society. Obviously we will have to defend what we have built, but National Anarchism is an insular philosophy and for good reason - look where the opposite has led us!

How communities choose to structure themselves internally is up to them - and for the record, Berrocscir's Banner prefers a sort of corporistic, meritocratic elitism. I'd rather have an appointed group of Wise Men in charge of different social/economic fields than some chancer who talks a good talk, but once elected or crowned is totally detrimental...

National Anarchists also need to accept that any tribal community above 500 will need some form of state as this is the point where society becomes anonymous...but small states are better than large. The line here at Berrocscir Towers is that the Anarchism in National Anarchism, at least for the foreseeable future, means any social network that has seceded from the global political/economic New World Order. National Anarchists should support any move in this direction from whatever quarter. Pluralism is central to our worldview.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

But is it art?

I was gladdened this week to read in my local press that primary school kids in this neck of the woods were marking Michaelmas. I cannot recall as a kid myself, in in the 1970s and 80s, ever so doing (although I can vividly remember Harvest Festival) So maybe there's a bit of cultural revival going on - which can never be a bad thing! Talking of Michaelmas, I didn't know until very recently that the said fair in the English standard Scarborough Fair lasted from Assumption Day in mid-August right up to Michaelmas at September's end - So it was some old gathering! It was a market rather than providing entertainment, but much sport was had, no doubt. Here's a clip below of a very able version of the classic song by ol' Sarah Brightman. I want to share it also for the wonderful paintings by Robert Duncan featured therein. I've always admired Realism in the arts, including the socialist and soviet varieties, but Duncan's work betrays what I would want to call nationalist realism (no heavy industry or working up the top of pylons here!) Idyllic, bucolic representations of some radical nationalist promised land - at least from a northern European perspective. Myths they may be, but are myths based on some long forgotten fact? And without myths surely a people suffer impoverishment.


What's going on in north Kosovo? This is region with a Serb majority. Surely it's time, given the realities of the situation, that it should secede and rejoin Serbia, or become an autonomous region in itself? SELF DETERMINATION FOR ALL PEOPLES!