Saturday, 24 December 2011

On, on, you noblest dissidents!

At Yule and at the start of  Christmastide Berrocscir's Banner sends warm wishes and greetings to all dissidents everywhere. All the staff here at Berrocscir Towers hope that 2012 will be a year of marked progress for the National Anarchist, radical nationalist and Autonomous Nationalist milieu in particular - and also for the anti-globalist movements, nationalist, regionalist and secessionist groups in general.

The National Anarchist vision of maximum autonomy implies simple living and technological regression. This is because it is both impossible to maintain this state otherwise, and also because safeguarding tribal and cultural identity is best carried out in a setting self-reliance and a rejection of the global system where spare parts have to be shipped in from all corners of the Earth. Living in the city with all its multiculturalism means too much temptation! On the road to our ideals of localised rural power, we must be prepared to give up our creature comforts! The necessity of simple living for any National Anarchist future puts its advocates in the same camp as green anarchist thought and we NAs have much to learn from it and radical environmental living generally.

So as well as hopes for the continued growth of the National Anarchist meme and the AutoNat scene, we should encourage all the current discussion in the nationalist community around the Pioneer Little Europe idea. Networking and planning is evident - it'll be truly magnificent to see some practical example taking shape in the coming 12 months!

The boss here at HQ hopes to see a growth in English regionalism: The Wessex Regionalists have been quite active again in recent times and Mebyon Kernow are pretty much household names! But we need to see real movement elsewhere: There is the Mercian Party out there - let's hope they stay true. But we need similar groups - what ever happened to Kentfolc and the Sussex Party? And we need initiatives in East Anglia and Northumbria - there's no lack of regional pride in those there parts - and there MUST be the will in Yorkshire! Up in Scotland we have the Borders Party who boast two councillors to their name. Regionalists elsewhere can learn a thing or two from them. The Regionalist Front of Dumnonia have been mentioned here before - it'll be nice to see some movement on their part. Hey, a great area for growth is at county/shire level. County consciousness has never been so strong. Of course, all this need not mean that national ethnic and cultural unity and identity need suffer. What we're talking about is political devolution from the regions down to the parish, the village, the hamlet and homestead.

We can all do our bit in the war against the global system: reduce, reuse, recycle. Spend less. Support economic secession. Build local economies, grow food, brew beer (better still cider!) Pool resources, swap and barter.


(with acknowledgements to the Bard)

Merry Christmas!