Friday, 11 November 2011

On all fronts

Your editor believes a little clarification is in order regarding points made in the post here from October 30th. Yes - working towards intentional communities* whether with land acquired for the purpose or by targeting existing localities, should remain a prime goal for radical nationalists in the 21st Century. However, radical nationalist communities should not become an end in themselves. Of course, their gates should shut out the liberal, globalist and multicultural world, but they should not become isolated and adrift from the wider nationalist community and indeed those they would seek to influence. National Anarchist or radical nationalist communities will need support networks on the 'outside' to provide solidarity, aid and public relations duties. At first a degree of anonymity will be needed, but once securely established, successful communities could be held up as beacons of tribalism to the wider world. Look how Orania is championed by Afrikaner activists.

A European equivalent is a long way off, but even so activists in North America and the UK are channeling efforts into the PLE idea. Obviously the biggest stumbling block here is numbers - we don't have them. This is where the present situation comes in. We need the populist Euro-nationalist parties to encourage the tribal instinct in people and to make new nationalists, by participating in the mainstream. We also need a vibrant autonomous scene in nationalism which offers a counter-cultural alternative lifestyle through community work, mutual aid, events etc. Resistance to the liberal and neocon elites is needed on all fronts.

*For the record Berrocscir's Banner supports all intentional community and alternative lifestyle projects regardless of whether they are along nationalist, communist, religious or hippy lines or whatever.

Little victories
Yours truly has always been one for style, and nowadays I believe I do so without supporting the New World Order. I get all my clothing from charity shops, car boot sales and Jumble sales .Latest purchases include: two good quality and rather fetching shirts for £1 and 50p respectively. A great pair of casual combat trousers for 50p and a nice quality pair of denim jeans for the princley sum of 20p - and no, I didn't haggle!

While waiting for the revolution, the second hand market is the place to be for revolutionaries! And it's not just the second hand stuff - go out and support your local alternative economies.

Bright ideas
Social and economic secession begins at home. I've recently invested in a couple of wind-up lanterns. They perform a treat. Perfect for reading, writing and going to the lavatory by. A little lifestyle change goes a long way.