Sunday, 13 November 2011

Jaw jaw...

If the rumour mill is correct and elements within the English Defence League were looking to have a pop at the Occupy London encampment at St Paul's this week, it is a tad irksome. They really should have gone along there and had a chat. After all, the EDL and the anti-Capitalist protesters have more in common than what they might care to admit. It was Capitalism which facilitated the mass immigration we have witnessed over the last few decades. So it is Capitalism that is the root cause of the erosion of English culture, values and way of life that the EDL claim to defend.

Berrocscir's Banner is ambivalent toward the EDL. From a radical nationalist perspective they are far from perfect, but their best elements are worth engaging with. Maybe it is naive to think a rapprochement between the EDL and the anti-Capitalist current is possible, but both the St Paul's encampment and the EDL are voices for the underdog. The common aims of both groups involve opposition to the neo-liberal, neocon globalised economy. Okay, the anti-Capitalist protesters may have a vocal, hardcore Leftist element within the ranks, but in reality they are a diverse lot - look at how the St Paul's protesters fell silent with the rest of the country on Thursday beneath their specially commissioned Poppy banner - can you see your average red rabble going in for that?

The 21st Century demands an end to polarised politics where 'Left' and 'Right' are at each others throats as if on autopilot. The new champions of the Underdog need to acknowledge that plurality is essential. We need tactical unity against our common enemy. Let's swallow our pride - lay off each other.