Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Fake nationalists

So 111 admirable MPs last night backed the view that the British peoples have the right to a say on the future of their sovereignty and identity and rightly voted for the the motion calling for a referendum on the UK's position in the European Union. Interesting that there were no MPs from the Scottish National Party or Plaid Cymru on that list. Out of the UK but not out of Europe? Where's the logic there? It's like the galley slave getting rid of the drummer but keeping his master.

Anyway, who knows - maybe in a hundred years after we eventually do get out - maybe some enlightened parliament will pass the Intentional Communities Act and we can have our tribal villages!

Well, it's been a while since anything strident was posted here...The Green Liberal Party of Switzerland, a centre-ground Green party and refreshing alternative to the dominant liberal-Left Global Greens, now has 12 seats since Sunday's Swiss Federal elections - up from 3 in 2007. Green ideas should not be the preserve of the Left.

The regionalist and isolationist Ticino League doubled their seats to 2, with their 19,000 votes a hike of nearly 6,000 on last time around. Also the regionalist Geneva Citizen's Movement picked up their first seat in the Federal Assembly.

Carry On Camping!
This blog supports the wave of 'Occupy' protests around the world. Yes, the global system is not going to collapse by pitching up a tent (although if you've been watching the Russia Today coverage you will be forgiven for thinking it is about to) but the actions will no doubt inspire a whole new generation of anti-global activists - some of whom - sooner or later may evolve into seasoned radical nationalists and tomorrow's National Anarchist pioneers...possibly... At the very least it might make more people start asking questions. Long live the anti-globalist movement!