Sunday, 30 October 2011

Eyes in the storm

Tomorrow there will be seven billion of us on Earth. Most predictions are saying this is nothing compared to what is in store in the next fifty years. Certainly over the last century we have witnessed a stark acceleration due to the 'benefits' of the modern age. All nationalists should concern themselves with the population bomb. The technological, global system which has exacerbated this stands in stark contrast to our vision of  national agrarian simplicity. Okay, I am sat here communicating to the world due to the global system, but John Zerzan said something along the lines of They attack the means by which we spread the message, but not the message itself - something like that...

One school of thought is that population will continue to rise sharply in the 'developing' world, while it will level out or decline in 'developed' countries. Even so, the 70 million predicted for the UK by 2027 is scary when we consider that even IF the developing world climbs out of its insecurities and manages to develop economies similar to the west like in China and India, levels seeking to emigrate to Europe and North America will continue to rise - The core attracts the periphery. More concrete, less green, less indigenous identity.

Berrocscir's Banner remains sceptical that social change along radical nationalist lines will ever sweep the globe (oh to be proved wrong). So in the absence of national revolution, one get out clause for radical nationalists is giving serious consideration to the practicalities and possibilities of securing land and living as independently as we can off of it, in cooperation with others of like mind in networks. Some place where we can educate our children and mind our own business. The Amish manage it, so who says radical nationalists cannot? We need the Pioneer Little Europe, Asia and Africa as eyes in the storm of the New World Order. In a post national revolutionary scenario there will be banditry and external aggression which will need to be resisted, but if we are to begin building national (or any other) intentional communities in the next few decades we need to duck under the radar and winch up the bridge.

Lighten up, comrades
Like anyone, your editor likes a good laugh as anyone who knows me will tell you. Now as a National Anarchist I take my politics very seriously, but its important not to lose our sense of humour about our beliefs. I remember a far Left paper, when complaining about the lack of mirth in revolutionary politics, used to rightly say "we must be able to take the p*** out of ourselves." National Anarchists should be no different. Hey -  maybe we can use this old video of that 80s classic Safety Dance by Men Without Hats in our propaganda? Dig those medieval vibes, man. Watching it back, it pretty much sums up my vision of the National Anarchist utopia. Enjoy!