Sunday, 11 September 2011

Getting the word out

Two new blogs to add to the Banner's links section:

Firstly, the World National Anarchist Alliance blog, despite its seemingly rather grandiose title, looks like one to watch. The author writes convincingly of the potential for National Anarchist ideas to accommodate and encompass folk from all political backgrounds and none in the hope of creating a truly pluralist movement that can work toward a Tribalist vision. WNAA rightly highlights that one of National Anarchism's main selling points is it's live and let live philosophy - in contrast to the monolithic 'Our way or no way' stance of the reactionary Left and Right. The blog advocates reaching out to the wider anarchist scene to state the Tribalist case - an alliance building strategy not dissimilar to the arguments your author has previously made here and here .

My background is in the Left, but I imagine the right is no different - Most people that identify strongly with any given movement or ideology are not easily open to anything new because they have have found their 'comfort zone' - The majority of the Left (and I include the 'class struggle' anarchists and libertarian communists here) won't be interested in and no doubt hostile to National Anarchist arguments for pluralism over ideological conformity - but it is right that we should always extend the olive branch to individuals and tendencies not tainted by dogma or anti-fascist blood lust.

Secondly, Alternative Anarchy - Attack the System UK is the welcome new UK arm of the prolific Attack the System network of blogs from the US. Having such a pedigree ATS-UK looks a fine prospect. Let both WNAA and ATS-UK prosper!