Sunday, 4 September 2011

For a new tribal Libya

Generally speaking, the Arab Spring has been pretty much social democratic in nature. This despite sections of the Left trying, as they always do, to give the uprisings more a shade of red than they should. What is clear, however, is that any nationalist element is minimal.

It is interesting then, that despite this lack of national zeal, your editor (ever the nerdy Vexillologist) spotted the Berber flag proudly aloft on a news report as the NTC/NLA swept into Tripoli last month. In March I wrote of my hopes for the break up of Libya into the the historic regions of Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezzan. A slim possibility maybe - I remember harbouring a similar desire for a swift secession of a Kurdish state in northern Iraq after the fall of Saddam. Berrocscir's Banner supports the Arab peoples in fighting for their own destinies and admires their great sense of ethnic self-awareness, identity and national pride. But that lone Berber flag fluttering in Martyr's Square is perhaps a herald that the Berber peoples can and will assert their own identities in the new Libya. While not, strictly speaking, a distinct ethnic group as such, the Berbers are a loose meta-ethnic family of indigenous North African tribes bound together with cultural and linguistic ties. The Maghreb has been their home for longer than the Arab migrations of the seventh century.

No decent person wishes to see more bloodshed in Libya, but let's hope that the fall of the Brother Leader will lead to a authentic tribalist and regionalist renaissance in his former Jamahiriya.

Okay, although we really need to move away from the Left/Right way of seeing things, the Alternative Right site is a worthy addition to the links section here. Hopefully it will prove a useful resource as it certainly has many parallels with the BB worldview. All we need now is an Alternative Left! It'll be great if Left dissidents can get a hub to spread their ideas. Most National Communists are getting there - going against the God of Internationalism. Lets have more of it, even though staff at Berrocscir Towers have a sneaking suspicion that some of them still wouldn't think anything of shooting Kulaks, any bourgeois who wanted to make a bob or two on market day or the odd distributist network!