Sunday, 25 September 2011

Hard truths and the Brave Old World

After I lost my faith in Anarcho-Marxism/Internationalism (and my concurrent flirtations with Left-nationalism) around a decade ago, I became, for a while, attracted to civic nationalism. It seemed reasonable enough and a sensible compromise in the reality of modern Britain. But by about seven years ago I had identified fully with ethno-nationalism in general and with National Anarchism as an ideal. Why? Using the English example, why should other ethno-cultural groups be expected to give up their own identities? The civic argument makes sense when thinking in terms of a cohesive nation-state, but an independent England wouldn't be able to turn the clock back in terms of immigrant communities. As the folks at England Devolve! say:

Integration by assimilation may work below some critical inflow threshold; above that threshold it is a recipe for the mutual destruction of cultures - and, in a market economy, for descent into C-ca C-la culture. Why should not a second or third generation Bangladeshi honour their roots, their great radical poets like Tagore, just as Anglian immigrants fifteen hundred years ago honoured their old England, recited the epic of Beowulf round their fires?

Which is the greater good - ethnopluralism or the cultural imperialism of civic nationalists? I find National Anarchism so appealing because it has room for every way of life, National Anarchists respect and value every ethnicity and culture as unique and equally worthy. We also acknowledge that if those who prefer to live in multi-ethnic and multicultural communities, well, then they can do so. While ethno-tribalists would see this as a great pity because it would mean that unique cultures and ethnicities will slowly fade, we do not dictate. In turn we demand that no one dictate to us. Ethnopluralists deeply value racial/ethnic/cultural distinctiveness and we wish our children to look like us and our ancestors. What our children then ultimately do is up to them...

Another reason why National Anarchism makes sense, at least in regard to England, is that the concept of some re-established nation state is a nonsense. Realistically, England will never again be the exclusive home to the indigenous. There's no prospect of large scale repatriation. Most BNP types accept this. Even if mass immigration was stopped tomorrow our cities and larger towns will remain multi-ethnic and then of course we will still have the problem of  Amercana and global culture to deal with! Of course, one of the cornerstones of nationalism is to each tribe a homeland. But sticking heads in the sand and demanding an all white Britain is a nonstarter. In the reality of modern Britain we need to downsize in terms of space, and besides, we ethno-nationalists will probably remain a minority! Present realities actually offer English National Anarchists and radical nationalists with an opportunity: to call for our cities to become the territories of the multi-culturalists and/or immigrant communities - and for rural areas to become redoubts for the indigenous, areas ripe for us to concentrate our attentions and to plan our projects.

Despite large sections of Britons seemingly happy to mix, we do see tribalism in action already: self-segregation in our cities and the 'white flight' phenomenon. Work toward national revolution in terms of outside the current system - as a rearguard action. We cannot seek to topple Leviathan. Begin the long, hard task of building our Brave Old Worlds - ethno-British community building out in the sticks* - a world of self-reliance, economic secession and increasing autonomy.

*rural areas

Sunday, 18 September 2011

News from Denmark

Thursday's elections in Denmark were disappointing if, like me, you wish all strains of ethno-tribalist modus operandi well. In a high turnout, the national conservative and populist Danish Peoples Party fell back from 14% of the vote in 2007 to twelve - down 43,000 votes to 436,000 and dropping 3 seats to 22 in the Folketing. Not knowing the ins and outs of the mainstream political scene in Denmark, your Editor assumes this dip in fortunes is down to either a) the rough and tumble of bourgeois political life - how did DPP elected representatives perform in public office and were voters punishing them for supporting the coalition? Or b) a possible Breivik effect. Not wishing to belittle the appalling loss of human life, like others I feared that horrible day in July would result in a backlash against nationalism across Europe. And of course the trouble with taking the electoral path is that you sometimes win and find that you cannot legislate your programme and as a consequence let your voters down - Electoralism for nationalists should be about getting results where you can, but first and foremost it is to bang the drum and get the nationalist alternative out there.

The Socialist Peoples Party, affiliated to the left-liberal Global Greens also lost ground dropping from 13% four years ago to nine. Big winners were the Red-Green Alliance - made up of several hard-left Marxist/Trotskyite groups. Their share lept from 75,000 (2% and four seats) to 237,000 (6.7% and twelve). Along with trying to get in with the Muslim diaspora, the Left across Europe have pretty much successfully grabbed control of the Green movement. Despite some notible exceptions the Left have exercised dominance over the Green label and brand since the late 1980s. But the Green movements that sprang up in the 60s and 70s had no such afflictions. Instead of reflecting cultural Marxist agendas, Green ideas were just that - Green: Regionalist, localist, ecological and promoted simple living and technology. In fact the pioneers of the Green movement and their ideas had far more in common with radical nationalist thinking than the left: ruralism, agrarianism and small scale economies...

Back to Denmark: We Ethno-Tribalists should always take stock of how the Euronationalist mainstream do. The nationalist vote indicates how many among our folk approve of ethnocentric sentiment. In turn, what percentage of nationalist voters will approve of our radical nationalist worldview? Where should we concentrate our work? How many potential fellow travellers are there? How many potential National Anarchist pioneers are out there? Should we concentrate on areas where the nationalist vote is highest? Surely we need numbers before we can progress?

 Of course, as elsewhere the parties of neo-liberalism and Globalism came out on top, surprise surprise. Why is this? One obvious conclusion is that the majority are quite satisfied with the Status Quo. They like cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism, liberal values. Okay, if that's the case leave them to it. Should we National Anarchists and radical nationalists aim to drop out? Work toward getting away from their Tower of Babel and establish radical nationalist lifestyles, preferably on our own land where we can practice what we preach? If yes, no doubt sometimes we'll be in for a raw and tough old time of it, but we will be together and we could live our ideals.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Getting the word out

Two new blogs to add to the Banner's links section:

Firstly, the World National Anarchist Alliance blog, despite its seemingly rather grandiose title, looks like one to watch. The author writes convincingly of the potential for National Anarchist ideas to accommodate and encompass folk from all political backgrounds and none in the hope of creating a truly pluralist movement that can work toward a Tribalist vision. WNAA rightly highlights that one of National Anarchism's main selling points is it's live and let live philosophy - in contrast to the monolithic 'Our way or no way' stance of the reactionary Left and Right. The blog advocates reaching out to the wider anarchist scene to state the Tribalist case - an alliance building strategy not dissimilar to the arguments your author has previously made here and here .

My background is in the Left, but I imagine the right is no different - Most people that identify strongly with any given movement or ideology are not easily open to anything new because they have have found their 'comfort zone' - The majority of the Left (and I include the 'class struggle' anarchists and libertarian communists here) won't be interested in and no doubt hostile to National Anarchist arguments for pluralism over ideological conformity - but it is right that we should always extend the olive branch to individuals and tendencies not tainted by dogma or anti-fascist blood lust.

Secondly, Alternative Anarchy - Attack the System UK is the welcome new UK arm of the prolific Attack the System network of blogs from the US. Having such a pedigree ATS-UK looks a fine prospect. Let both WNAA and ATS-UK prosper!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

For a new tribal Libya

Generally speaking, the Arab Spring has been pretty much social democratic in nature. This despite sections of the Left trying, as they always do, to give the uprisings more a shade of red than they should. What is clear, however, is that any nationalist element is minimal.

It is interesting then, that despite this lack of national zeal, your editor (ever the nerdy Vexillologist) spotted the Berber flag proudly aloft on a news report as the NTC/NLA swept into Tripoli last month. In March I wrote of my hopes for the break up of Libya into the the historic regions of Tripolitania, Cyrenaica and Fezzan. A slim possibility maybe - I remember harbouring a similar desire for a swift secession of a Kurdish state in northern Iraq after the fall of Saddam. Berrocscir's Banner supports the Arab peoples in fighting for their own destinies and admires their great sense of ethnic self-awareness, identity and national pride. But that lone Berber flag fluttering in Martyr's Square is perhaps a herald that the Berber peoples can and will assert their own identities in the new Libya. While not, strictly speaking, a distinct ethnic group as such, the Berbers are a loose meta-ethnic family of indigenous North African tribes bound together with cultural and linguistic ties. The Maghreb has been their home for longer than the Arab migrations of the seventh century.

No decent person wishes to see more bloodshed in Libya, but let's hope that the fall of the Brother Leader will lead to a authentic tribalist and regionalist renaissance in his former Jamahiriya.

Okay, although we really need to move away from the Left/Right way of seeing things, the Alternative Right site is a worthy addition to the links section here. Hopefully it will prove a useful resource as it certainly has many parallels with the BB worldview. All we need now is an Alternative Left! It'll be great if Left dissidents can get a hub to spread their ideas. Most National Communists are getting there - going against the God of Internationalism. Lets have more of it, even though staff at Berrocscir Towers have a sneaking suspicion that some of them still wouldn't think anything of shooting Kulaks, any bourgeois who wanted to make a bob or two on market day or the odd distributist network!