Sunday, 14 August 2011

Group hug

Browsing Keith Preston's Attack the System blog recently (see links) your Editor found this article interesting. It's surprising to see that National Anarchism is considered so noteworthy by such a high ranking politician! It is not as if NA ideas are, shall we say, anything like mainstream at present...and from an organisational standpoint NA has taken a couple of knocks of late too.

Here at Berrocscir Towers, the opinion is that National Anarchism is being confused here with the Autonomous Nationalist groups in Germany. AN is an eclectic mix of several nationalist currents who have come together around a youthful, 'street-level' subcultural image, largely mimicking the Left in tactics and presentation. Sure, some within the AN movement may be influenced by NA ideas, but not on the same level as, say, Strasserism. Still, there is obviously a lot of overlap and if the state name checks National Anarchism, then okay. NA and Autonomous Nationalism  both seek radical national rebirth - ideological exclusivity is not on the agenda.