Sunday, 28 August 2011

For the nation - not the state

Your editor freely admits that the political outlook of this blog has been in a state of continuous development these past four years. Despite mainly consisting of light-hearted observations in the early days, it was always the intention to develop Berrocscir's Banner into a clarion for radical nationalism and from fairly early on I decided to throw its lot in with a broadly National Anarchist viewpoint. Looking back over past posts, its clear that contradictions have occurred along the way. I make no apology for this - my own outlook has developed and I regard this as healthy. I've never claimed to have all the answers and remain an opponent of dogma and stone tablets. However, for reasons of clarity (and because I now think I've reached a train of thought worthy enough to constitute a 'Party line' as it were!) I'll now attempt clear things up:

I cannot predict the future, and while realising that the course of history can take surprising and sometimes abrupt turns, it's doubtful that a majority (or large minority) will ever get around to out-and-out national revolution. We are unlikely to see any great nationalist upheavals. Therefore we must take a pragmatic approach to working toward a world resembling our ideals.We must encourage trends toward political decentralisation - the natural friend of the Tribalist worldview. Let's use the example of the English: Support all calls for withdrawal from the European Union from whatever quarter. If ever we get out go for English independence. Once gained join the cries of the regionalists (Wessex, Northumbrian, whatever) or maybe even county based autonomy (we are witnessing a growing county identity from Devon to Lincolnshire) This devolution may continue down to town and village level (forget the conurbations and cities, they don't fit the radical nationalist equation) Gradual devolution through political evolution may actually fit in with our revolutionary ideals.

I do and will always believe in the ethno-cultural unity of the English. We are a nation fixed together through our common bonds and origins. But I do not believe in the political unity of the English. Let the English people thrive and fly their flag of the Cross of St George and the White Dragon! But better still let them also fly the Wessex Wyvern, Cross of St Alban, Oswald's banner and St Edmund's too! Let them also fly the flags of the Shires, so obviously beloved from Sussex to Yorkshire...but let the state wither. Political devolution and a new regional/local sovereignty need not damage a united English ethno-identity and common kinship. Or for that matter our close ethno-cultural ties with our British cousins the Scots, Welsh and Irish. The English may choose to confederate their localities in regions and regions into the wider English realm in national solidarity - but let us work toward the sovereignty of the grassroots. It's the best way to go against the enemies of the tribes - globalism and cosmopolitanism.

Fight for our ideals using all channels - electorally when it suits, culturally, socially, economically and practically. This last area can involve the PLE idea. PLEs (of course there's nothing to stop Pioneer Little Africas and Asias!) are a move toward intentional mono-ethno-cultural communities and the concept is gaining ground within nationalist circles. If these take off their pioneers will literally be building a new world within the shell of the old.

On the 4th anniversary of Berrocscir's Banner may I thank my handful of followers and the sites that have linked to this blog. And for the concern raised by a couple of readers when I took the *%!"^$@ thing down for a bit recently when self-doubt got the better of me. I find interest in this blog enormously flattering, despite my continual worrying that it comes over as appaullingly pompous - you don't think it's you?